Nokia removes N9 countdown timer. Possible delay? |

Nokia removes N9 countdown timer. Possible delay?

Posted:  August 9, 2011   By:    3 comments   

Earlier on Nokia, has started a countdown timer indicating the official launch of the Nokia N9. The timer was counting down to 23rd September which we’re hopeful to see it launched in Malaysia shortly after.

Today, that timer was mysteriously removed from their site. This could mean two things. Possible delay to sort out some issues or merely to create suspense. We’re more inclined to believe that there are some teething issues that Nokia needs to address which is similar to its Nokia N8 launch last year.

Whatever it is, we will keep our fingers crossed for September.


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3 Comments for Nokia removes N9 countdown timer. Possible delay?


Incredible that Nokia is introducing this N9 meego product !

meego is supposed to make way for windows phone 7 , as what nokia's new direction is. So how can they now launch & sell a product with a future unsupported os ?

Bizzare, probably nokia is having alzheimer disease


    nokia claim that this is the last meego phone but they also claim that they will support N9 for years and release several sw updates. so future support is not an issue here.

    only thing to worry is lack of apps available since no more meego device from nokia.


agree, they are sinking. and the new ceo is in deep shlt