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Maxis — The likely operator to offer the Nokia N9

Alright, so now we know the time frame in which the Nokia N9 will be launched in Malaysia. Yesterday, Nokia Malaysia reps who are in the know revealed that the Nokia N9 will be launched with a telco and that got us wondering as to who this telco could be. So we looked back into our archives to see the history of Nokia launches with telcos in Malaysia to see if we could discern a pattern.

Maxis got exclusive rights to the Nokia N8 at launch. When the E7 came, Maxis was first out of the blocks with a registration of interest but as at launch, the E7 came to Maxis and Celcom at roughly the same time.

So what makes us think that Maxis will be the telco to launch the Nokia N9? It’s based on one simple fact. Maxis is the most prolific operator when it comes to introducing new devices into the market. In addition to this, we’ve gathered some interesting information about what’s going down at Maxis. The operator is indeed gearing up for a bevy of device launches for the remainder of this year and it’s not impossible that the Nokia N9 is going to make the list as well.

Of course all this is not concrete and for all you know, we could be completely wrong because a lot can change from now till September but if what we have seen in the past few months is anything to go by, Maxis is the telco to look out for if you’re interested in the N9.

Watch this space.