Confirmed details of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 revealed

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Update: After much persuasion we managed to get the Samsung guys to clue us in on the price of the device. The local price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be cheaper than the RRP in Indonesia. How much cheaper? We don’t know, but what we do know is that in Indonesia, the 16GB 3G Galaxy Tab 10.1 sells for approximately RM2,110. So now you know that the Galaxy Tab will not sell for more than RM2,000 when it is launched here.

Update 2: For those of you who are not in the mood for contracts the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available for outright purchase from Samsung direct.

We’re meeting up with some of the product people in Samsung at the moment and they have revealed interesting details on the local launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The rumour that Celcom will be the first to offer the device is true and it will be exclusive. Specifically, Celcom will offer the 16GB 3G version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. In terms of pricing, the Samsung product guys are tight-lipped but let’s see if we can loosen their gap a bit. There will be two colours at launch — black and white.

The WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be coming a “little later” but there’s no set date on when this will happen. As for the 32GB version, Samsung say they will look at how the market responds to the 16GB version first to see if it is feasible to make the 32GB available here.

In terms of accessories, Samsung will be offering a range of accessories at launch. A keyboard dock (RM299), a Bluetooth keyboard with case (As seen here. RM399). There’s a “book cover” case (RM219), a neoprene pouch (RM129), a desktop dock (RM109), USB connection kit to connect USD drives and SD card to the tablet (RM109) and a HDMI adapter (RM139).

So now that the Celcom tie-up is confirmed, we’re itching to find out whether the other unconfirmed rumour that we received is true as well. Will Celcom offer limited units of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with hefty discounts at launch? We have a feeling its going to happen. How much of a discount? That’s for us to find out.

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18 Comments for Confirmed details of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 revealed


I heard the demo version lags? Is this true? Also, this is kinda expensive seeing as to how iPads are cheaper… Oh well.

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I read there is touchwiz..maybe that is why it is lagging. I hope the price is cheaper than ipad2 or at least same price.


    dont think it'll be cheaper or same price as ipad2 3g 16gb one…my price estimate is RM 1999. RM 100 more than ipad2 3g 16gb version…still some may not want 3g, wifi will do…at 1999, i can get the eee pad transformer for 1799 at RRP WITH the keyboard dock…of course the transformer is Wifi only at the moment but it is bang for buck…if u dont need 3g, transformer is the right choice 🙂


terrible tying it exclusive to Celcom….the data network is worst of all the big three operator
it might be a wrong step for samsung to launch galaxy tab 10.1 with celcom….
lets see the response after launch in M'sia…..


    agreed…hopefully it can be bought outright then or at least hopefully maxis will launch it too but so far if i recalled correctly no tablet device is available with more than 1 carrier or different carriers.

Alexander Wong

Wow, can't wait for them to launch the device at some very amazing and easy-to-get-to location. You know, places like Sepang, or maybe even putting it at some Kampung at Pahang would be great too. Celcom's the best.

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Malaysianwirelss says RM1899

Fitri Shukri

Is this Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 the normal version or the latest 'thinner' version (which is thinner than iPad2)?

Nina Karina

So, the WiFi version got not 3G and the 3G version got no WiFi?


    if it's 3g version, then it has wifi as well. if its wifi version, there no 3g. of course the 3g version lagi mahal

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Anyone know when is the official for this Samsung Tab 10.1?

Any confirm pricing for this baby?

Button badge

Hmmm , kind of pricy ~

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