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HTC Ruby: Mystery HTC device makes an appearance. Unsure of its OS

This unknown HTC device was outed last week by a mystery Flickr account holder. The Flickr account has since evaporated but the images of this mystery HTC have been captured for all to analyze indefinitely.

The mystery device you see here is codenamed Ruby. We know this because the mystery Flickr account marked the pictures as being taken by an HTC Ruby. But what is this HTC Ruby?

It’s certainly unlike any HTC we’ve ever seen, with its white/light coloured backplate and more curvy design that is not common in the HTC stables. This Ruby is certainly a new device — or at the very least, a different device — coming from HTC.

All that is all we know, that this Ruby is from HTC. Now the question beckons, will Ruby run Android or will Ruby go with Windows Phone? More importantly, will this Ruby even make it to production? If it does, will it look like the way is does now? Until more information is revealed, all we can do now is wait and see.