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HTC prepping a Flyer 3D?

It certainly looks like it. This picture is apparently a revised design of the top back cover of the HTC Flyer. As you can see there is a second camera port added to the cover where there was previous just one camera on the original Flyer.

Two cameras can only mean one thing, 3D photos and videos. Despite not running Honeycomb, we like the HTC Flyer very much and the only thing that’s stopping it from flying off the shelves is the price. At RM2,499 outright, the 7-inch tablet looks overpriced compared to the 10-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Apple iPad. If only the device was priced lower, HTC would have a winner in its hands.

So now this mystery back plate begs the question, will 3D capabilities increase the appeal of the Flyer so much so that buyers will look beyond the outrageous pricing? We think not. Besides, 3D — for the most part — is just a gimmick.

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