Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks uncanily like Smart Cover for the iPad

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Apple and Samsung have a very complicated relationship. Currently, the two tech giants are embroiled in a legal battle in which Apple claims Samsung is imitating “the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success”. Not to be outdone, Samsung is counter-suing Apple, who is also one of Samsung’s biggest customers, as Samsung manufactures A4 and A5 processors for Apple.

And things just got even more interesting with the unveiling of this — the Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. At first glance, you’ll be forgiven to mistake the Smart Case for Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad 2.

The Smart Case is manufactured by Anymode, one of Samsung’s unofficial, official accessories manufacturer and it looks like Samsung is endorsing the Smart Case, but it’s no big deal, because it doesn’t look like the Smart Case will be coming to Malaysia anytime soon.

What will be coming to Malaysia real soon is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. An official launch is expected within this couple of weeks. Stay Tuned!

More pictures of the Anymode Smart Case after the jump.


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8 Comments for Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks uncanily like Smart Cover for the iPad

Sam Wong

Samsung is thinking ….. since you (Apple) have filed so many case in suing me, no different lah to tambah one more for you to sue.


i'll definitely buy it if i own this tablet. apple name it smart cover, samsung name it smart case. good troll by samsung


Samsung has some serious balls of steel. 😀


Damn the cover look so nice i definitely gonna get a Tab follow by the smart case too 🙂


totally hate samsung copying so many apple's. even recently watch the video review of s2, the user interface is really look so much like ios especially the animation of how the os handle certain executions.

Sam Wong

Since Apple earn so much moneyyyyyy already, no harm to let others copy a bit lor, and even copy also need some high skill where like Samsung can come out such good quality, reasonable price and nice looking products. Not like some others even copy too but its look ugly and damn low quality.
And additional is Apple also copying others experience and features !
Lets fun everybody !

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