Broadband in Malaysia 2011: Cost Comparison

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UPDATE: Updated Broadband Comparison with breakdown of Fixed, Mobile Broadband & Mobile Internet plans.

Our Malaysia Broadband Cost Comparison post is in dire need of an update since most broadband providers had revised/introduced new broadband plans. As demanded by you, we’ve updated the broadband comparison table as below:

Further breakdown with speed & excess charge by categories after the jump.

Fixed Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Internet

Which plan to pick?
There’s no clear cut choice when it comes to broadband plans as it varies depending on usability, quota, excess fees and speed. The cost comparison here serves as a guide based on cost per GB which caters to your monthly broadband demand.

For the heavy user, fixed broadband of the FTTH variety offers the best of speed together with generous quota. For those on the move, most plans below 5GB are offered under RM100. For the demanding users, most plans of 10GB and above are well between RM100-RM200 range. Generally, most users won’t use as much data while on the go as compared to home. Also you would need to take note of excess charges if you have the tendency to exceed your monthly quota. Some plans might reduce your speed without additional charges while others charge a rather expensive pay as you go rate.

Another point when considering a plan is a network quality. While most networks boast high up to speeds, the realistic achievable speed is normally lower than the paper claims. Checking among your friends or peers would be a good reference point to find out if the service provider is good.

Apart from speed, coverage is another issue as well. If you travel a lot outstations, you would need to check with the provider’s coverage map. You can check out last year’s comparison here.

Do let us know in the comments if you spot any errors.

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62 Comments for Broadband in Malaysia 2011: Cost Comparison

Broadband in Malaysia: Cost Comparison Table | SoyaCincau

[…] UPDATE (110717) : Broadband Pricing Comparison in Malaysia updated for 2011! Check out the latest update here. […]


Still one of the most expensive countries to have broadband connection. What happened to Rais' call on lowering the prices?

    Andrew C

    Why would it be lowered,when despite these prices,the targeted broadband penetration is achieved.
    Similarly for silly car prices, despite of this prevailing practice, TIV in Malaysia is one of the highest in Asia.

    Time we relook carefully at how we use broadband and mobile internet.


    yes…I agree with we are forced to pay such expensive because we have no alternative…just they are cool blood sucker..


Not very useful without showing speeds as well… 120GB at 512kb is useless!




    Streamyx confirm the cheapest. Unlimited No Quota. Speed no garantee


the table can be misleading, RM per GB versus reliability and monthly cost (including hidden costs). Show it in a way that makes sense to ordinary citizens that makes more economical sense to push forward. If you calculate backwards some of the cents don't add up to the monthly fee that you still have to pay.


    Yep, I agree. VIP20 may be 'cheapest' in terms of RM per GB but not many people can afford to splurge RM250 a month on net connection alone. RM per GB fails to show any real effect of cash flow for most people i.e. affordability.


      Just like car. Diesel car give you more milage per litre. But car more expensive than petrol car.

      Of course, the more higher plan give you better cost per download. If small plan is cheap, no need to have big plans.


    Why is this misleading? This basically shows which offering gives you more bang for the buck. Low monthly fees doesn't equal to better economic value as the cost per GB varies as demonstrated above. It is normal that higher plans give you more value due to bulk and not all plans are equal.

    With the cost per GB comparison, we hope this would better educate which plan is suitable depending on your monthly usage. Of course, the reliability, service and coverage is subject to the respective telcos which also varies by location.


didnt realise there is a quota on unifi


    I don't think they are implementing this quota yet! I've searched everywhere on the unifi website and my account status. There is nothing about my quota for this month.

      Benjamin Tan

      It's hidden. Even Streamyx, although they said no quota, that's a lie. Your speed will be slowed if you used a certain amount of quota at peak traffic.

      But I'm ashamed of TM. We are the first to have fibre optics technology in the world, yet our wired broadband still used copper wire. Whereas other developing country now offer 10Mb/s transfer rate for wired fibre optics, our broadband can only achieve 1Mb/s (and that is 762kb/s download, 256kb/s upload, using telephone line from 90's technology). Why don't they apply fibre optics technology?


        Are we the first to have fibre optics technology in the world? I dont think so. Anyway this is what I understand. Fibre optics is used between major town server (eg kl-ipoh-penang-asetar) and extended to some local exchange ( eg a square box by road side near major residential). after that it depends on economics. for high end residential they will put fiber optics thus availabilty of unifi service. elsewhere stuck with copper for streamyx service. so if unifi is not available in your area, you know why. copper can go fast depending on implementation. check this…
        personally, I would like lower pricing from all telcos.


So, where is the conclusion? Which one is better?


i like yes


you don't highlight the fact that is most important for consumers like me- maxis claims 7.2mbps but that is a lie. i only averaged about 700kbps.

With Yes, i average around 8 Mbps at home and at work as well as when i'm on the move. more than 10x faster, and with their valuepacks I can rollover my credit which means no wastage. valuepack 150 costs the same as uni-fi but with mobility. i think that is much more value, i dont download movies etc.

these are the important things to the consumers like us. you are just compiling claims from the telcos without making them justify their claims

    Show Ang

    jon… u said ur place maxis only average 700kbps…
    wer is ur place?


What's meaning of excess charge? Does it means no more charge of over use of data? Thanks!

Fridge magnet

thanks for the info ~


purest broadband Vip20 unifi 100%geneva. dont be a cheapskate when talking about speed and stop whining


Streamyx…It's quite Ok as there is no limited of downloading..but still expensive if we compare to our neighbor country as for 1M cost RM111 monthly subscription. our neighbor country like Thailand for 8M just about 1000 bath = RM100…hope there year 2020 we will get 8M for less than RM100 or we will die first…

    Benjamin Tan

    We already dead, consider that we first invented the fibre optics and never applied for consumer. We, by now, considered as the developed country with 5th class facilities (very poor facilities).


    then go and live in the neighbor contry lah enchek rama


Any1 have any idea on P1 Wiggy plan? worthy with their limited speed,on different plans?However,after exceeded quota,we stlll can get around 600kbps+,for real unlimited surf,NO LIMIT quota!!!


Most providers first charge RM100 or more on initial starting plan as they so-called 'Activation fee'?We already losing that RM100 first before anything else further,right?Normally,they tend to offer higher data for expensive plans,which's like forcing us to choose,as they purposely offer lower data until 1G+ only,for cheapest plans for your unworthy and unsaving use….


YES charge as PAYU;not worhty if you often downloading huge and big data.It's for lower user,with lower data needed;that will counted as worthy in less usage.


Well….celcom is nice. good coverage, my dl speed at east M can reach to 150kbps stable… 5GB… but again…it's pricy… giler la RM68 + mail RM2 zzzzzz


umobile is quite cheap with only RM40 as starting. but the coverage and stability is really bad!!! i signed this up and quite disappointed!!! sometimes good, sometimes bad! really have no idea why they are still actively promote 42mbps!!! i will suggest umobile to rectify their current problem and improve coverage. But still i will never trust umobile and sign up again!!!

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Subscribe to OCE (Optical Communication Engineering) with unlimited download and upload. They only charge RM60 per month (2Mbps). Website :


    Have it but not impressed by it. Trying to use it for streaming video and it kept pausing to buffer so I upgraded to 5Mbps and yes the speedtest shows 5Mbps down and upload but streaming video still pauses which probably means a lot of packet loss. Quite annoyed by this and planning to switch to Unifi VIP5 which is working very well in my building . Service is excellent though. Don't have to wait for 30mins before you talk to a tech like some others.


    OCE?thier fiber is along the drain

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Election badges

digi one sucks, my wife using it now….damn slow…


    urghhh…..which is which..ur wife sucks…or digi sucks..confuse%%#@$


I'm using maxis wired internet 1Mb home plan with unlimited download/upload quota that charge me only RM88 per month. Every month, I'm using as much as 100-300GB bandwidth Download rate 200kb/s stable using download manager. No problem to access blocked website using google public dns. I don't know why people want a speed of light internet access but the quota of bandwidth is so small.


Hi Soya Cincau, will you be updating this table to include the Astro IPTV broadband as well? Thanks!


i wanna try the Maxis FTTH lah.. !


more ppl go opt to choose for latest broadband option is good, so ppl like me who still use streamyx RM88 can get better internet speed due to less BW congestion ^_^ . ye la cannot afford those xpensive new BB plan.


why dont have Celcom Broadband Prepaid SKMM?
-RM25/month but tested can last for 50 days longer..
-said 300+kbps but tested up to 2.0mbps..
-unlimited internet..


Umobile 42mbps? IT? don’t lie la

Santa Claus

The problem in Malaysia is, that the Internet providers – unlike in Euope wher speeds upto 200mb/s are considered normal – do not computer each other! No competition=no challenge=no improvement of performance in speed, service and cost reduction… Broadband in Malaysia is a big laugh and would be better defined as Narrowband!!

    David Tan

    thanks to monopolise by TM on the backhaul…..we are purchasing expensive IP transit


    strongly agree bro


very Misleading information.
the GB Vs RM means nothing unless consider the used GB not potential GB that you are allowed.
it is the some thing like Astro could claims their movie is so cheap per show because they have so many channels with 24 hrs shows.
– if you can't use the GB, it has no value!- regardless how much is allocated to you.

U Mobile User

Your U Mobile internet fact is not correct / lies facts. Please don't lies and is no good for your business.


    Please tell us what the lies fact. For our knowledges too. Thanks.

Andrey Beletsky

ok, guys, your malaysian cell companies pretty much suck.

Cellcom staff doesn't know jack about their mobile internet plans (3 or 4 different stores).
DIGI is permanently out of stock on "internet sim cards" (whoa, seriously? never knew you need a special rare sim card just for that!)
UMobile — it so very nice to have EDGE in this year of 2012, whopping 200km from KL. no, serously, thank you — at least there is a connection.
Maxis just stole my RM20, then refunded it, then stole it again — so much for 1 week "HOT TICKET INTERNET" package. honestly, I have no idea how the hell do they manage to survive. 3 visits to service center in 2 days and one support ticket, and I still don't have my money nor internet on my iPhone 4 right now.

in Thailand I got unlimited 30 days package 5 minutes after arrival.
in Philippines I got unlimited 3G for 1 week in 1 hour flat.
in Indonesia all it took me was 2 visits to different mobile shops.
I'm in Malaysia for 9 days already and I still cannot get internet on my mobile phone.

keep up the good work, malaysian cellcom industry, you will never be rich.

Andrey Beletsky

oh I almost forgot!

MAXIS, you double-suck! calling HOTLINK support number 1300820120 will set you back RM0.4 per minute, and this is something I'm pretty sure you won't see ANYWHERE in the world.


Do you have the latest comparison for Y12?? pls update when possible


yes please update for year 2012


please update for year 2012 thanks!


Yes.. Updates on 2012.. Thanks


I like this blog. I am here from Singapore, but checking for my JB friend who asked me to suggest MY plan and smartphones for him. Looking forward to the 2012 update too.


I have a review/comparison of Maxis Fibre vs Unifi at…


do you think i shall get the package without smartphone or with smartphone like samsung Note/tab? which is the best package that allow me (low usage) to browse mainly internet (watch for CCTV), email, facebook?My current phone usage is only RM30 per month…


i need speed compare


Any comment for P1?


I think P1 is good..


Nice comparisons. Suggestion: Have a poll which measures customer satisfaction for another point of view of which service provider to go for. I reckon Maxis and DiGi will come out tops while P1 will be at the bottom, but it will depend on poll results.