DiGi Prepaid Super 10 with 10sen/min call rate

Posted:  July 15, 2011   By:    9 comments   

DiGi has introduced Super 10, a subscription based promo which lets you call any local and mobile number for just 10 sen/minute. To enjoy this rate, it costs 99 sen a day with auto renewal subscription. To activate, dial *128*1*3# on your mobile.

As comparison, DiGi Best Prepaid normally charges 36 sen/min for calls and it is reduced to 12 sen/min after you hit RM1 usage. In terms of block charges, the normal rate of 36 sen/min is charged at 30 seconds, while the reduced 10/12 sen rates are charged at 60 seconds block.

Is this a good deal? Super 10 requires 99 sen per day which is like subscription/access fee. If subscribed for a month, that’s RM29.70 for subscription fees alone, without actual call credit. It all depends whether it is worth spending 99 sen for subscription just to save additional 2 sen/min when compared to hit RM1 usage rate of 12 sen/min. In this time and age, we don’t believe in paying for access fees and such high spenders would be better off with a postpaid plan.

For more information, head to DiGi Best Prepaid Super 10 page.

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9 Comments for DiGi Prepaid Super 10 with 10sen/min call rate

Hiew Vun Yau

yep, saw this in the morning and first thing came to mind: – Digi is trying to con innocent users?! lolz… honestly, this is a ridiculous offer, you roughly need to make 50 minutes of calls per day to break even the 99sens subscription. What the point in that?


    Very silly of DiGi to introduce such offer. Who is gonna pay RM1 for nothing?

Vincent Lee

this is stupid offer… conman!

DIGI is stupid!


The RM0.99 subscription is renewed on a daily basis. And when you top up it automatically eats up your credit for the subscription! This is unfair…….! This commitment fee is unfair & expensive!


yheaa… celcom the best. now im using celcom & digi. waiting digi to offer better than celcom = 28sen / 30min. hahaha


just up today

Digi super buddyz


anothr way to cheat customers. last time they gave free calls for buddyz, then changed tactics. now reoffer but charge customers 99sen/day.


i subscirbed nov.23, rm10 was deducted in my reload. then every call, they deduct it from my balance load.and jsut this morning it lessen rm.99 cents again. its so stupid.


Still using happy…is ok for me