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Successors to the LG Optimus One unofficially revealed

Despite its no-frills outlook, the cheap and cheerfully priced LG Optimus One was probably most bang-for-the-buck Android smartphone in the market when it was launched in Malaysia late last year.

The 3.2-inch Optimus One ran Android 2.2 with a 600MHz processor and a 3.2MP rear camera. Priced at RM899 at launch, the LG Optimus One is about half the price of similarly equipped HTC Legend/Aria and was the phone of choice for Android fans on a budget.

Nearly a year old the Optimus One is way overdue for a refresh. Not to be outdone by newer budget Androids like the rather talented Samsung Galaxy Ace, LG reveals not one but two replacements for it’s entry level Android.

LG Optimus Pro

With it’s portrait QWERTY keyboard, the LG Optimus Pro is a rare breed amongst Android phones especially here in Malaysia. The Optimus Pro runs Android 2.3 and feature a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a 800MHz processor, with 256MB of RAM. There’s also a 3MP rear camera (no HD video support unfortunately) and a 1500mAh battery.

LG Optimus Net

The LG Optimus Net share similar internals with the Optimus Pro with its Android 2.3 OS, 800MHz processor and a 3MP rear camera with no HD video support. Aside from that, the Optimus Net features a 3.2-inch screen (as with its predecessor) and double the RAM of the Optimus Pro at 512MB.

In terms of pricing and availability, there’s no word on international launch but the LG bargain duo is expected to hit stores in Italy this month. The Optimus Pro will sell for EU180 (about RM760 at today’s rates) while the Optimus Net will retail for EU200 or about RM850 at today’s rates.

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The prices of these devices certainly make them an interesting proposition for a growing number of users who are looking to move up from feature phones, the question now is whether LG will bring them over to Malaysia.

Note: Featured videos are in Italian. These are the only official vids available at the moment.