Motorola US drops Xoom WiFi price, Malaysian to expect simillar savings?

Motorola announced that it has reduced the pricing of the WiFi version of its Xoom tablet by US$100. After the reduction the 32GD WiFi version of the Xoom now cost as much as the 16GB iPad 2, both at US$499.

The Xoom was the world’s first Honeycomb tablet and during its early days, the Xoom was the model Honeycomb tablet for Android but despite all this the device didn’t gain a lot of popularity amongst users. One of the biggest gripe was the price — the Xoom was more expensive then its the king of the tablet hill, the Apple iPad 2.

In Malaysia, the 32 GB WiFi Xoom retails for RM2,099 which is the same price at the 64GB WiFi iPad 2. The question most would like to know is that will the recent reduction in price of the Xoom in the US spillover to Malaysia? Although many would like to think so, the most probable answer is, very unlikely.

One of the reasons is that current units of the Xoom that you see on the shelves of IT stores today have already paid for by the dealer, and so the price will remain. Even if new shipments come in post the US$100 drop, it remains to be seen if the policy applies to international units as well. So the new price might just be a US-only thing.

Well, we can only hope. In any case, if the price of the Motorola Xoom does come down in Malaysia, would that increase its appeal? What do you think?

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