P1 4G refreshes portable, fixed & combo broadband plans

P1 has recently given its entire broadband line up a new refresh for both portable and broadband plans. Their biggest highlight is their new “ONE PLAN” which claims to offer the best of outdoor and indoor. What it offers is a combination of desktop modem and portable WiGGY modems at a combo price. Despite the “One Plan” naming, there are actually 3 plans available which are tied to its 3 Home/Office broadband plans.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. The One Plan is actually a rename of their Super Broadband package which was launched last October.

Head after the jump for more details and comparison of their old and current offerings.

Home and Office Plans


For Home and Office plans, they made a couple of changes. First is their entry Home Lite plan is now RM59, a RM10 increase than before. It still comes with the same 5GB/month quota but the speed is now upgraded from 400kbps to 600kbps. Next, mid level RM99 plan has its speed increased from 1.2Mbps to 2.0Mbps but its monthly quota is slashed from 20GB to 15GB a month. Meanwhile, its highest RM139 plan maintains its 30GB/month quota and its speed is increased slightly from 4.8Mbps to 5.0Mbps.

Portable Postpaid (W1GGY)


For the Portable Wiggys, they have now reduced to only 2 plans and their fastest 10Mbps plan being discontinued. Wiggy 59 offers 1.0Mbps with 3GB while Wiggy 89 offers 5.0Mbps with 6GB. We seriously can’t keep track with the Wiggy plans as they have been revised countless of times with similar names.

Home/Office + Portable Add on


For the existing postpaid user that wishes to add-on a wiggy, there are 2 options available at RM30/month which is offered based on your main broadband plan. For the entry level users, you’ll get the US-230/UM-230 modem which offers 1.0Mbps while those on higher plans will get the newer UH-235 which offers 5.0Mbps. Add that with the new revised postpaid plans and you’ll end up with the One Plan offering. Their prepaid wiggy and WiMAX Inside plans for laptops remain unchanged.

Once you’ve seen the full picture, these plans are nothing new. It is just a name change with revisions made on their speeds, price and quota in order to stay relevant. Even their P1 MiFi product was quietly discontinued without a trace. We were expecting much more from P1 instead of just rehashing the same plans over and over again.

In terms of value, it all depends if you’re looking for speed or data quota. From the comparison above, there is an increase of cost per GB but that’s being compensated by speed upgrades. When talking about achievable speeds, it is very much dependent on network condition at your area.

For more information, head over to P1’s website.