Maxis lowers Nexus S price and bundled pricing

With the recent launch of high end Android devices, Maxis has finally lowered its Nexus S pricing. At time of launch, the Nexus S was offered at a rather pricey RM2499 outright and offered as low as RM1499 on contract.

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S II at RM2099, the Nexus S which is based on its predecessor, Galaxy S is becoming a tougher choice to consider despite its “Pure Google” experience. Now they have reduced the outright selling price to RM2299 and 24 months contract pricing to RM1199. The Samsung Galaxy S II is sold at RM2099 and its currently offered at RM1199 as well on 24 months contract.

As compared previously, the Nexus S lacks 720p HD recording and there’s not even an option to expand your storage with microSD. Let’s be honest, if given a choice between the Nexus S, Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation, the Nexus S is still an overpriced device with older generation features.

Check it out on Maxis Android page.