DiGi offers HTC Sensation on Smart Plan

While Maxis is getting the limelight today for its Samsung Galaxy S II launch, DiGi today has started another high end device, the HTC Sensation. HTC Sensation also offers dual-core processing power but boasts a higher resolution qHD display that pushes 960×540. Maxis had earlier indicated that the are bringing in the device but DiGi has beaten them to the punch.

The HTC Sensation is offered on DG Smart Plan at RM1399 for 24 months and RM1699 for 12 months. As comparison, Maxis’s Galaxy S II is offered right now at RM1199 (with RM200 discount) for 24 months and RM1599 for 12 months.

DiGi’s website is still having issues right now but you can try to view the bundle offer here.

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Thanks Jason for the tip via the comments!