Maxis offers Samsung Galaxy S II bundle from RM1199

Posted:  June 17, 2011   By:    48 comments   

Maxis has finally revealed its Samsung Galaxy S II bundled plans. While they are offering a RM799 for the first 300, they are also offering additional RM200 off for those that subscribe for their contract package between 22 June – 22 July 2011.

The bundled offer is still the same Value Plus plan with Data bolt-on contract over 12, 18 and 24 months. For the 24 months contract with 1.5GB/3GB data, the Galaxy S II can be yours at RM1399. With the RM200 off promo, it is cheaper at only RM1199.

It also looks like the RM799 launch offer is applicable for the first 300 that signed up with 24 months contract with 3GB data.

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48 Comments for Maxis offers Samsung Galaxy S II bundle from RM1199

Hiew Vun Yau

except for the first 300 at RM799, Maxis's offer doesn't look like a good deal… even the RM799 doesn't look like a good deal at 3GB data prices for 2 year… I guess it the sim free units are the economical choices! lolz… We'll probably be able to get one at about RM200 less than NRP after Maxis's exclusivity period ends…


Is it a 16GB or 32GB version?

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I don't see this package on the Maxis page… not even a mention of Galaxy S II. What's the monthly payment for the 3GB 24-month contract?


I wonder if there's actually discount/savings on the 3GB + Value Plus plan, if its based on 3GB + Value Plus 50 the price would Be :

RM 138 (for 3GB+Value Plus 50) X 24 months = 3312 + 799 = RM 4111 For a galaxy S II ? Maybe less than that if say assuming you use an average of RM 60 a month for calls + data which brings you to about RM 1440 so RM 4111 – RM 1440 = RM 2671 – Still too expensive isn't it? Hope i'm wrong in my calculation…better buy outright then..more worth


    U can't assume that u use less call or internet abt rm 60 bcoz u still have to pay rm 138 for 2 years. That's a commitment.. Even use less, still pay the same amt but if use more, it will plus to your existing rm 138..


      you can get RM 60 for internet and voice but normal voice call sub line (if not mistaken access fee is RM 10, no commitment type) with the minimum RM 18 maxis 100MB a month postpaid internet


    malcomm, rm60 for voice and data? show me which telco. maybe you're talking about prepaid plan,


      you can get RM 60 for internet and voice but normal voice call sub line (if not mistaken access fee is RM 10, no commitment type) with the minimum RM 18 maxis 100MB a month postpaid internet. Rest is pay per use. I'm using this at the moment.


you mean we cant buy just the phone from a samsung dealer? all have to go thru maxis??

Hate maxis

Why always maxis? How about celcom or digi…..

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Maxis's plan is sucks!! Wonder why maxis always get the dealer for almost all the smart phone!? We don't want maxis, do we? Please Samsung, don't spoil your products on maxis…

GS2 Yap

yes, i don't like maxis too, his plan realy suck, buy phone and change to digi, 3gb only monthly 88!
singapore can get 10gb or more(500mb monthy price in maxis)


Haiyoh, wat's the point to compare singapore? Of course lose la, even digi loses. Maxis coverage is the best. And u think their plan sucks becos u r not willing to pay for better coverage. They wouldn't be the top telco if they r not the best. I switch to digi cos of phone, sometimes regret cos line and coverage is worse, even though cheaper.


    Maxis marketing is better than other Telco, that's for sure…but doesn't mean they r the best…in fact they suck! Period!


    True, as much as maxis is bloody cekik darah, they've a superb line coverage. And I'm using both maxis and digi postpaid. Plus digi 3g is not available everywhere unlike maxis.


digi higher GB in broad band is pointless, coverage is low, speed is slow.



    Not really…not sure abt u, but my Digi is fast n reliable…but u mobile still the best IMHO…


What a con by maxis.
I thought I will own this phone soon, but the contract is ridiculous.

Mangkok lu

maxis fastest loh….. day dream


Celcom wake up, take device for ur fan


Why maxis so xpensive compare to other telco.. Maxis 3gb + value plus 50= rm 138. Celcom 3gb, 68 + 50= rm 118.. Maxis 500 mb which less 1gb is rm58 + value plus 50= rm118 but celcom 1gb is rm38 +50= rm88… But, the call + internet plan in malaysia still the most xpensive compare to other country.. Why maxis..?!


I'm also don't like maxis.. Maxis always get exclusive rights to all (android) smartphone bcoz maxis pay a lot of money to all phone company…


Hello? R u working for maxis? Do u know what u r talking abt? Duh…


To me, signing contract is pointless nowadays. Average 6 mths, new phone with better performances n cheaper price r being announced. I don't want to get stuck to using an outdated phone 1 yr later and regret. Been there, done that…so no more contract for me…more over the reliability of Telco also changes over the years. Who knows in 1 year time, u mobile becomes the best Telco 🙂
Just my 2 cents…


means we must get at least a 3GB data plan and a value plus 50 only can get it with RM799?
so the RM799 for the phone only was just a trick for marketing?
conclusion is there's no such good offer lol?
how about the advertisement on newspaper and other mass media?
Maxis will only said they are co-operating with Samsung and there's a sentence of "terms and condition" or even a pre-registration are existing?
= =


celcom has the worst offers…. altho commitment is 118, phone price ex…. i am currently on maxis contract, 3gb is 78 la n nt 88, i use value plus 30, so just pay 108…. if i m nt on the current contract wld definitely go for tis 799… super cheap….


contracts are kinda pointless nowadays…. hmmm…


I think the point is: if the area you are active, e.g. home, office, places that you always lepak like fav mamak store or kopitiam have good line service, it will be good enough for me. The good thing is whever i go, digi does follow me.

I would say Ya, maxis have better coverage(speed is depend on ur coverage position, pointless to argue when you already not having good signal.

But because i already have 90% of my time in digi coverage, i can't see the point paying extra more expansive for that 10% better coverage. This is like drinking water compare to mineral water, no one will die because they don't drink mineral water, but why pay 2 to 300% extra for it. Of course if 100% coverage is important to you, you should pay exclusive money for it, this is how maxis justify their rate.


well i think maxis sucks. my dad can't receive calls, can't make calls, text messages are delayed, imagine how much business he's going to lose. hahaha please, best provider? lol.


jus wait for digi… maxis is actually suck!!! limited data usage still hv to charge high price!!


im doing my internship with celcom technical department right far what i can say based on my experience and observation celcom provide better quality on voice call (2G) which means they guarantee that their customer will have good line coverage everywhere even in rural area.But on the other side in providing a better speed in packet switching (internet speed) that involve with 3G tech, Maxis was proven to be the better provider than Celcom. Digi on the other hand will always come 3rd in 2G and 3G tech. juz sharing my opinion


i had juz asked one of maxis official dealer in N9, but they said have to order the phone,after 1month will get the fon.then i asked wat about the promo? they said it will not be used anymore since it was registered after the promo time.gila!!!!

they bluff on all the plan,save rm200 my ***!!

they said all dealer had no more stock,had to wait until next month, until all the promo ends!!!

stu#$% maxis.

cant wait for celcom's promo..go celcom!


I support Maxis does really suck,I have register the rm 1199 package,but until now I still haven't get the Phone yet,and the workers just tell me to be patient and wait his/her call,if you don't believe we don't have stock then you can go to Maxis Center(HQ) there to check and if there have,you can take at there.
Maxis shouldn't do like that,if doesn't have any stock then tell customer that we doesn't have stock yet,this is funny,bad luck happen it on me….


actually i wish 2 sign in samsung galaxy s2 pckg wif maxis oso..but can i noe is it tat price showing there is juz 4 data plan only.? nt include the hp.?? means v nid 2 pay extra 4 the hp.?? if i take 3gb then 24months contract 2gether wif the hp, then hw much should i pay per month.?

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i called maxis on last week to check the stock availability of SGS2, the representative told me still available at Sunway Piramid and Taman Segar. i reached Sunway Piramid after 10 min times. SO disappointed because 1 of the workers told me actually the SGS2 is not available for a some time. Doesn't matter, after that i went to Taman Segar all the way from Subang because Maxis told me they still have 5 unit SGS2. As what i expected, NO STOCK since last week. Means that Maxis always not updates their info. Currently i think the stock is unavailable for the whole nationwide. Anyhow i will get SGS2 also but will leave Maxis and switch to Digi, doesn't care about coverage because lot of my friend is using Digi, not much complaining. Maxis is a top best Telco in Malaysia but they still not able to get more stock from Samsung. 1 of my friend told me that is actually got a gang of shark is holding SGS2 and they are trying to makes more $ from the stock, thats why those stocks is limited now.

ah meng

NO STOCK, NO STOCK, NO STOCK, SGS2 so hard sales maxis got no stock. they lansi don`t want business ah… they said maxis so powerful in Malaysia wo… PEI..!


    maxis is better then others even expensive but the coverage is no1…

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….say it's just for the first few instead of give people hope! Freakin waste of time…