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DiGi 3G outage, disable 3G to allow calls

UPDATE: Looks like DiGi’s 3G Network is up and running now.

DiGi is facing network outage nationwide with its 3G network. As a result users will be receiving invalid SIM or SIM could not be recognised on their devices.

While DiGi is currently looking into the issue, the quick solution to stay connected with basic calls and SMS is to disable 3G. You can go into your phone settings to disable 3G or switch to GSM only.

If you still facing issues, try the following steps:
1. Switch to airplane mode before making the switch to 2G/GSM only mode. Then switch back on.

2. If still doesn’t work, restart your device. We suspected after the SIM card was detected as “invalid”, your phone might refuse to retry connectivity until its restarted again.