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HTC makes about face Gingerbread update coming for Desire

It’s not everyday you see a brand admit to being wrong. HTC UK’s official Facebook page did an about face on their earlier statement and are now saying that the Gingerbread update is indeed coming to the HTC Desire.

Earlier HTC UK claimed that there is simply not enough memory in the Desire produce a smooth user experience with the Gingerbread and HTC’s latest version of Sense UI put together. We find this a bit odd as the 1GHz processor and 576MB of RAM should be enough for Gingerbread and Sense UI to run fine.

Now apparently HTC is able to cook something up.

The very short Facebook update only affirms that the Desire will be getting a Gingerbread update but no timeline or other details are made available, so it could be tomorrow or it could be next year.

Further reading here.

Thanks to commenter Lolness and Twitterer @chiamck for the tip.