U Mobile revises Broadband plans with new 15GB option

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U Mobile has revamped their U Broadband Plans which now offers 4 different options. The 4 plans are MB6, MB40, MB68, MB128. For those who are needing internet per day usage, the MB6 which is available only for prepaid offers 500MB of quota for only RM6/day. This is actually similar to its previous UB6.


The next 2 plans – MB40 and MB68 are also similar to its previous postpaid broadband offerings which offers 2GB for RM40 and 5GB for RM68 monthly. For those who wants peace of mind, U Mobile no longer charges Pay As you Use rates if you exceed your given quota. Previously excess usage is charged at 5 sen per MB. Of course fair usage applies after exceeding quota which your speeds will be lowered down.

While this is a good move for budget conscious users, MB68 5GB might be insufficient for the hard core users of today. To cater for heavy users especially on MiFis, they have introduced MB128 which offers 15GB of quota for RM128. If you do the math, that’s only RM8.55 per GB.

U Mobile bundles USB modems of both HSPA and HSPA+ variety and MiFi modems with their plans. If you subscribe to MB68 and above, there’s also a rebate of RM20 x 5 months which effectively waives your RM100 activation fee that is required during registration.

If you’re interested, there’s a group purchase offer at JackCow where they are offering the 6 months MB68 + USB Bundle plan for RM254 instead of RM508. That’s 50% discount of the actual value.

Check out U Mobile’s Broadband page and don’t forget to read the FAQ.


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10 Comments for U Mobile revises Broadband plans with new 15GB option


But the service is available in JB and Penang only. Besides, the 42Mbps modem is not ready too.


    U Mobile still has HSDPA in most areas of Klang Valley. 42Mbps is still new.


what about the data plan for phone? did U Mobile remove the excess usage as well?


    Appears to be the same for both. Even the plan names are similar.


but the previous plan was good as well. i dont understand why they removed it for mobile users. i am current using umobile unlimited internet for mobile @rm28 and was thinking to change to the previous mobile plan that was rm10 for 100mb, PAYU at rm 0.05 after 100mb.

but i do understand that that small amount of usage caters to a very small market, but still a letdown though for us light users that only use it for whatsapp etc. now, if only tunetalk remove their tricky charging method on the per mb usage, i would go for it.


    Since you mentioned it, looks like U Mobile has stopped its UB10 and UB20 offering for smaller data appetite. Currently they charge 5 sen per MB, which for your usage of 100MB would cost you only RM5/month. So seems to be U Mobile is making a trade off by stopping smaller plans and instead offer no excess charge for its bigger quota options.

    However you need to monitor how does your phone connect to the net. In the PAYU of 5 sen per MB, the minimum block is 5 sen per MB. So if your phone connects and disconnects each time it checks for updates, you could be paying more as its charged 5 sen per connection regardless of how small the transfer is.


so jackcow package is rm68 for six months only right? after six month we can choose to stay with same discount price or back to rm68 without 50% off?


    Should be back to normal RM68 la…


    For U Mobile's 50% promo in JackCow, after 6 months the lines will be auto-renewed and back to original rate RM68 per month. If you opt for termination, please go to any U Mobile's service center to terminate it. Thanks


can i use mb40 to Prepaid BB Bundle Plan?! pleaz rply!!