Only idiots text and drive

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Just like the one in this video. The dumbass was lucky to have escaped alive and no one was seriously hurt.

Now, do we have to tell you not to text and drive? Because when you do, you’re not just endangering your life, you’re putting other people at risk as well. So if you see anyone driving and texting at same time, do us all a favour and give the buffoon a good honking.

Our roads are dangerous enough as it is with crazy drivers and mat rempits, we don’t need another unnecessary hazard.

Head on over to after the jump to see footage after the accident.

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13 Comments for Only idiots text and drive


Surely it is also illegal to drive and film


oprah had a very good episode on texting and driving. scared the crap out of me. I don't even look at the fon nowadays while driving.

Thanks for the video, a good reminder


that is soo fkng close


The person recording it ain't too bright either. He could have crashed the car in front as he was concentrating on the camera.

Andrew C

a sharper title should be idiots text,tweet,facebook and drive.


He is filming the car IN FRONT of him. How was it possible for him to crash into the car IN FRONT of him when he's paying full attention to the car IN FRONT of him by way of filming it?


    By right both hands should be on the steering and attention to the front. If you are recording with a phone, your eyes are focused on the recording NOT the road.


This could be a staged viral video for all we know, many organizations actually seek out marketing companies to film these kinda stuff even awareness groups and groups like PETA by hiring actors and crews to these kinda publicity stunts. The guy filming seems way too excited.

Also driving while concentrating on filming is equally very dumb. He could have ran over the drunken texting driver or stuntman by colliding into the traffic crossfire.


No wonder, I see a lot of people texting while they are driving a MOTORBIKE here !

Carl J.

Is that even really a driver texting? Looks someone who failed his driving test, Keeps cutting left to right. Guy looks more like he was high on booze/drugs or both.

Kiwi in Malaysia

All I see is normal, everyday Malaysian driving.

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