The HTC Sensation is in Malaysia!

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Update: Just made a call to IMCC. We were informed that stock is coming today but sales will start tomorrow.

Got this piece of news via IMCC’s Facebook page. It appears that the HTC’s most powerful smartphone, the HTC Sensation is now available for purchase from them at an unbelievable RM2,299 outright.

IMCC say that the are selling original units.

The Sensation features a 4.3-inch qHD Super LCD screen with Gorilla Glass that displays a whopping 540×960 pixels. The display also features a contour design along the entire edge of the screen which HTC claims lend a premium feel to the device while at the same time protecting the screen from grit and sand when it’s placed screen-side faced down.

Processor-wise the Sensation is packing a 1.2Ghz dual-core Snapdragon with 768MB RAM and 1GB of internal storage. In the camera department, there’s an 8MP rear camera with dual LED flash and 1080p HD video capabilities. HTC says the camera offers instantaneous shutter response allowing you to capture images and videos faster. At the front you get a standard VGA resolution camera.

In addition the the plethora of wireless connectivity the Sensation supports both HDMI and DLNA output as well. Powering all this is a 1520mAh battery.

The HTC Sensation runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the latest HTC Sense UI skin on top. The new Sense UI features HTC’s active lockscreen which serves live information, like weather and stock prices right without the need to unlock the phone. In addition the active lockscreen allows you to unlock straight into an app by dragging its link into an unlocking circle.

The HTC Sensation also brings with it HTC Watch video store which allows users to download movies and television shows by renting or buying them directly from the device. We doubt that this feature will be of much use here in Malaysia.

This is probably one of the most important phones ever to come out of HTC, how come no big launch?

Check out the HTC Sensation promo video after the jump.



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22 Comments for The HTC Sensation is in Malaysia!

Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi

too pricey


Just called them. They do not have stock today, because SIS made a mistake by informing all their suppliers that stock will arrive today. Stock will only come in tomorrow or thursday.


Have to say this. HTC really pulled a big one on Samsung with this. Samsung has no choice but lo launch the SGS2 now officially or risk losing potential buyers who are waiting for 2 biggest superphones of 2011. Smart move by HTC and SIS again.


i think htc is rushing this out as soon as they can coz they know sgs2 is the phone *everyone* is waiting for. that explains the low key launch — probably no time to plan for one.

but like najmi, i think its too pricey. sgs2 is rumoured to be only rm2099. those sitting on the fence like me won't mind waiting another 1-2 more weeks and see what sgs2 will cost once its officially launched. well, i do hope samsung will launch sgs2 in the next 1-2 weeks anyway.


btw, are you guys going to get a unit and review it? if u do get a unit, i do hope you can do me a favour and test out that 'instantaneous photo' thingy… photo and video capture ranks highly in my criteria. need a phone that can capture 'precious instant moments'.

Alvin Lim

I'm gonna wait for SG2 and compare with this. So far, the reviews from UK are saying SG2 is a better phone.

Are you guys going to do any reviews on both these popular Android phones? Love the reviews here. 🙂


I heard that SGS2 is the "it" phone right now..
but I've been eyeing on Sensation for a while now
I prefer hTC than Samsung .. just me 😉

Sam Wong

why why the HTC so stingy and always give us ONLY 1gb internal memory and 768mb Ram ? Is that so expensive ? I believe in the production, the cost will be the same for 1gb, 2gb 3gb or even 6gb.
Is that due to the overall design ?
Anyway, I like the Sense 3.0 but like the SGS2 hardware, how are ?


HTC announced the phone later than SGS2 but release it earlier.
Samsung you suck!


Think sooner or later you might find sth useful from xda developer that will enable you to have best of both world since HTC will no longer be locking their boatloaders…

Felix Cheah

The most powerful HTC Android phone

    Kee Hume

    faster get one la :p


Wow…confused now ..which one to choose.


screen wise…. SGS2 look brilliant than Sensation

Andrew C

when it comes to firmware upgrades- HTC is much more responsive than Samsung.

Sam Wong

Better wait for the SGS2, Samsung has much better spec and might be better price too.
HTC too arrogant and stingy to give out good stuffs to consumer.

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Carl J.

Meh, I kinda skeptical of Sammy's products.They may give better specs but the longterm durability and support remains much to be desired at best. I own an Omnia and Omnia 2 and within less than a year Samseng have stopped supporting it with updates despite the various bugs.I rather pay bit more and get something that is reliably in the long run.

Loo Boon Hock

anyone knows which store in penang is selling?

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