VIDEO: BlackBerry Torch 2 pre-launch hands-on

While the previous BlackBerry Torch didn’t really heat things up for Blackberry, the upcoming BlackBerry Torch 2 is set to deliver what the original Torch didn’t. While there’s no indication of launch, Techno Buffalo has managed to get an early hands-on.

Although the design remains the same, BlackBerry has make significant upgrades to the internals. Firstly the screen has been bumped up to display a higher 640×480 resolution and according to reviewer, it is much better than the original torch. Performance is said to be much smoother as it uses a 1.2GHz processor which should be similar to the new Bold .

This year BlackBerry is aggressively trying to match up with other smart phone platforms by giving its product line a full refresh. We’ve seen the impressive BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 and the Curve replacement should be announced soon.