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Maxis to offer iPad 2 plans with Ultimate Solid?


While Maxis has revealed its new Ultimate Broadband plans, all focus seems to be on the HTC Flyer. In the FAQ, there’s just one tiny line which tells us something about Maxis upcoming plans for the iPad 2.

According to the line above, there will be an iPad 2 bundling with the Ultimate Solid plan which gives a rebate of RM79 over 24 months contract. That’s a total of RM1896 subsidy for the iPad 2.

If this is confirmed, we could be looking at a free iPad 2 16GB 3G which is priced at RM1899 standalone. Even the highest end iPad 2 64GB 3G would cost effectively RM603 after subsidy rebates.

These are still unconfirmed as this could be either an error in the PDF or a case of Maxis revealing too much at the wrong time.

Thanks to eagle eyed @tigervyh for spotting this!