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Celcom offers LG Optimus 2X with 12 months contract

When Celcom offered the dual-core LG Optimus 2X, it was offered only with 18 months contract. For those who do not wish to be tied up for more than a year, Celcom now offers a 12 months option. Normally for a shorter contract, it is typical that you would need to fork out more for the device but surprisingly the difference is from as low as RM50.

From the table above, the price difference between 12 and 18 months contract for Celcom Exec 50 + mBasic 38 is only RM50 while the higher bundle with mAdvance68 is RM80. For the highest Celcom Exec 250 plan, the gap widens at RM300. If it was us, obviously we’d prefer the 12 months duration as you’ll only getting less than RM100 off for the lower 2 plans. It seems that Celcom has stopped offering the additional RM100 off but they are still giving out FREE HDMI cable while stocks last.

For more information, you can head to Celcom’s LG Optimus 2X page. Don’t forget to check out our LG Optimus 2X review if you haven’t read it yet.