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ASUS teases new sexy tablet. Unveiling next week

Update: Closer analysis of the pictures leads us to believe the mystery tablet will be smaller than the 10-inch Transformer. The “Pad or Phone?” question is also another clue as to the size of the device. The question implies that the the mystery device will blur the lines separating phone and tablet. This is a strong inclination that the device will have to be smaller than a full 10-inch tablet but larger than the largest smartphones. This is of course all speculative at the moment.

Despite the faux pas, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer may just be the hottest Honeycomb tablet to hit Malaysia, but it looks like that’s all going to change when ASUS pulls the cover off this new unknown yet deliciously stylish tablet.

ASUS through its global Facebook page is putting out a series of teaser images in the run-up to the next biggest tech showcase coming soon.

There is very little known about this new tablet from ASUS. The only clue given is a question: “Break the Rules: Pad or Phone?” but that didn’t stop some quarters from running a teaser of their own releasing some detailed and very hi-res pictures of the mystery tablet.

Full details on this stylish new tablet from ASUS will be revealed at the Computex trade show in Taiwan happening next week on May 30.

Will this stop you from getting your pre-order Eee Pad Transformer on May 28?

*Pictures will be uploaded shortly Pictures right after the jump.

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