VIDEO: Closer look at HTC Sensation

While we have the HTC Incredible S and Desire S launched recently, the next device to look out for is the HTC Sensation. This will be the HTC’s flagship Android smartphone featuring a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and a high resolution qHD Super LCD display that supports 960×540 resolution.

Smart phone hardware is just half the story and HTC has released a video that showcases its HTC Sense 3.0 software in a 5 minute video clip. Among the exciting features to expect is an active lockscreen which gives you essential shortcuts without unlocking the device. This is somewhat similar to what’s being offered on Samsung Galaxy S‘s TouchWiz lock screen.

While most smart phone these days are boasting high MP count of 8MP and above, the HTC Sensation is stepping up the game with its instant capture camera. From the video, this lets you snap pictures instantly so that you’ll never miss a shot again. For taking pictures instantly, we’re wondering if it can match the Xperia arc’s camera performance.

Another new feature they have mentioned in the video is HTC Watch, a movie on demand service which lets you watch premium movie content while on the go. The content is said to be streamed as progressive download which lets you watch it instantly while loading. We don’t expect this to be available in Malaysia but who knows, they might secure a content licensing deal for us folks in South East Asia.

So when is this phone coming to Malaysia? The LG dual-core Optimus 2X is already here and the Samsung Galaxy S II is expecting to make an appearance either end of this month or June. Since the Sensation has just being recently announced, we have a feeling it might reach here sometime between July and September. We just can’t wait.

Check out the video after the break