Android Market paid apps now available for Malaysia


The moment most Android users have been waiting for is here. Google has announced availability of paid apps to more markets which includes Malaysia.

We tried to buy an app from the market’s website but we couldn’t manage to do so. It kept prompting us to re-sign into our account again. However it can be done through the mobile market app. Credit card is the only payment channel at the moment via Google Checkout.

The exchange rate that Android market used is currently US$1 = RM2.98, which makes games like Robo Defense costing RM8.92 (US$2.99) in our local currency. This couldn’t come at a better time since the dollar is cheaper right now.

Another new feature in the Market is Editor’s choice which features the Top rated apps by Google. This makes it easier to discover apps that are worth downloading.

Thanks everyone who buzzed us in the comments and twitter!

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