In China, people beat each other up for the iPad 2

And you thought it was bad here in Malaysia.

The iPad 2 was officially launched in China last week and the crazed Apple fans (as well as scalpers) took frenzied buying to a whole new level over there.

People in China are beating each other up to get the iPad 2. No one know what really happened but from the pictures alone, we can see that it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Apparently a number of people got hurt at an Apple retail store in Beijing where it was believed there was a confrontation between iPad 2 customers and store employees. It was so bad that the Apple Store was forced to temporarily close on Saturday last week after situation got out of hand. Sources say four people were injured and taken to the hospital and a glass door at the store said to have cost US$46,000 was broken.

Interestingly, the first iPad 2 owner in China is a 50 year-old lady. Not sure if she is a grandma but it sure heats up the debate as to whether this other grandma actually stood in line to buy an iPad 2 for her grandson or for herself.

Detailed account on what happened at the iPad 2 launch in China here.

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