Did this grandma really stood in line from 2am for an iPad 2 because her grandson told her to?

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This story has not yet been verified.

Apparently the little old lady that you see in the picture stood in line from 2:30am during the official launch of the iPad 2 last week to save the first spot for her grandson who came seven hours later at 9:30am.

If this is true, then things are getting out of hand here. Ultimately the iPad 2 is just a gadget, a thing that you can buy, easily replaceable and have no real significant value in the grand scheme of things. Yes, the iPad 2 is iconic and owning one does give its owners the feel good factor but to get your grandmother — a fragile old lady that should be enjoying life instead of wasting time standing in lines — to stand in line for seven hours just so you can be the first to get one is just deplorable.

If this is true, then we have this to say to the idiot grandson. You are a sad, sad excuse for a human being. The oxford dictionary should put your face next to the word “narcissistic”. Your grandmother’s love is wasted on you.

Can anyone tell us which Machines is seen in the picture. It’s not Machines but Mac City at New Wing, One Utama. Also, anyone know the fella?

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80 Comments for Did this grandma really stood in line from 2am for an iPad 2 because her grandson told her to?


Obviously, the general group here don't understand the concept of objective statements. Let's hope there's an app to help such situations


Whoa whoa whoa. Okay, let's play a REAL Devil's Advocate game here.

Story 1:

Maybe the grandson had shared with his grandma his plan to go BY HIMSELF at 9 am in the morning to try his luck because he isn't crazy enough to stay up all night waiting in line. Perhaps the grandmother did this on her own volition and decided to BUY the ipad2 as a surprise present for her grandson.

Story 2:

Grandma IS accompanying her grandson who is sitting on the floor, hidden behind those two guys.

We don't know the true story behind the photo. Let's not make assumptions so early in the game.

This is like doing some English essay exam where you are shown a picture to make your own conclusions.

That being said, I have a cynical view of people and I am inclined to believe what the majority sees, which is some jerkface grandson taking advantage of his sweet old grandma's love. 🙁 I really hope that's not the true story.


if this is true..then it's SO INHUMAN! poor and shame on you ..your grandchildren will do this back to you..


I gonna have to call BS on this story. It just seems someone made up the story to cause some wanted media attention. Seriously seven hours? and who is this "grandson" has he or she even been identified yet?

By the way I was personally at Mid Valley branch queuing for the iPad and there were loads of senior customers enthusiastically queuing up to get the iPad at the wee hours so I guess their grandson/family, members, husband must have "forced" them to queue eh?

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Philip WINS. fuck everybody they are Hippocratic Minds


shove the iPad2 into the grandson's ass …. and walla u got yourself iAss2!

Not judgemental

Almost all of you people judge things by what you see. I was at the place and saw the whole thing. The grandma was there WITH her grandson. This picture was taken when he went to the toilet. Instead of sitting in the chair, he gave it to his grandma to sit in. What if the grandson just brought the grandma along so she wouldn't be at home alone? If you don't know the true story, then don't just assume things!


If my grandma have to be alone without me at home, I would definitely choose to stay at home to accompany my grandma, instead of queuing whole night with my grandma, which makes both of us have to stay awake for freaking 7 hours in such sleeping time (perhaps it's great for old ppl in somebody's mind here?), for a stupid gadget that I actually can buy AFTERWARDS, with ALOT of ready stocks some more, perhaps. I guess iMachine or Mac City won't charge me extra fees or interest if I buy it back late.

Yea we shouldn't simply assume things by a pic, but we can make LOGICAL decision that makes sense. SHOULD WE???

usebrain please



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