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Did this grandma really stood in line from 2am for an iPad 2 because her grandson told her to?

This story has not yet been verified.

Apparently the little old lady that you see in the picture stood in line from 2:30am during the official launch of the iPad 2 last week to save the first spot for her grandson who came seven hours later at 9:30am.

If this is true, then things are getting out of hand here. Ultimately the iPad 2 is just a gadget, a thing that you can buy, easily replaceable and have no real significant value in the grand scheme of things. Yes, the iPad 2 is iconic and owning one does give its owners the feel good factor but to get your grandmother — a fragile old lady that should be enjoying life instead of wasting time standing in lines — to stand in line for seven hours just so you can be the first to get one is just deplorable.

If this is true, then we have this to say to the idiot grandson. You are a sad, sad excuse for a human being. The oxford dictionary should put your face next to the word “narcissistic”. Your grandmother’s love is wasted on you.

Can anyone tell us which Machines is seen in the picture. It’s not Machines but Mac City at New Wing, One Utama. Also, anyone know the fella?

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