Motorola Xoom RM400 cheaper elsewhere

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Update: Courts Mammoth is also selling the Xoom for RM2,099. RM400 cheaper than Maxis RRP.

Want to get the Motorola Xoom RM400 cheaper? You best try authorised dealers instead of operators.

Like this one for example.

IMCC is selling the Motorola Xoom for RM2,099, RM400 cheaper that the RRP that Maxis puts out for the device. With the money save, you can get a MiFi device to go with your WiFi Xoom. Settle!

The IMCC website looks a little bit suspect though but they claim that there are an “authorised dealer” of some sort.

You can check IMCC out here. You’ll notice that almost every device they sell is at least RM100 cheaper than most places. Interesting…


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11 Comments for Motorola Xoom RM400 cheaper elsewhere

Tigervyh us selling it at RM2050. So you can see the trend…


Bought an Android phone from IMCC. They're legit and their prices are really cheaper than say, Maxis. Their shop – Luno – is in Sunway Pyramid's digital center (next to Asian Avenue).

    Sam Wong

    Thanks Ash, will try to buy from them later


But maxis is giving away a Moto Defy as well for the price. All together for RM2499. Not worth it ?

    Sam Wong

    Don't forget the two year useless data plan tied


    and their stupid data charges that will bill shock you


You are right, I totally forgot about their data packages !
But guys, after some research I find the Acer Iconia A500 to be better . Any comments ?

    Sam Wong

    Ya, as well as the Asus EEE Pad which got the good review by some specialist in overseas

Hiew Vun Yau

Hey, just wondering about the XOOMs out in the Malaysian market. Are there any wifi+3G models? celxis says they're selling a 3G+wifi model (… ) for RM2050. So I wonder what about other sellers? And specifically about MAXIS? I think Maxis is selling a wifi only model, right?

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