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Motorola Xoom available from Maxis starting tomorrow. RRP RM2,499

Update: Take a closer look at the camera specs stated in the image above. Maxis got it the other way around. Fellow techie Amanz pointed it out.

As a follow up to the April announcement, Maxis has started sending out email reminders to those who’ve signed up for the Motorola Xoom ROI announcing that the device will be available at any Maxis Centres from tomorrow (May 6).

Not much new information has been revealed. The retail selling price for the Xoom will be RM2,499 and customers who subscribe to a 24-months 3GB Maxis data plan will get a Motorola Defy worth RM1,599 for free.

Assuming that you don’t offset the cost of the device with the price of the free Motorola Defy, the RM2,499 Xoom is on the steep side considering that a similarly specced WiFi Xoom retails for US$599 — which is equivalent to about RM1,800 at today’s exchange rates. That is a difference of almost RM700 or about 28% on top of the US price. Also consider that for the same RM2,499 you could get the top of the line 64GB 3G+WiFi iPad 2. This makes the Xoom a bit of a tough sell in our opinion.

The Motorola Xoom is the first tablet in Malaysia to run on Google’s Honeycomb tablet OS and comes in 3G+WiFi or WiFi only versions. Maxis is bringing the WiFi only version at the moment.

As we’ve noted during the earlier announcement, we’d rather Maxis bundle the Xoom with a MiFi rather than a mobile phone as it is more practical considering that connecting the Xoom to the internet with the Defy functioning as portable hotspot will be an issue for the phone’s battery life.

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No other details are available at this point in time but we’ll keep you posted if we find anything news.

Thanks @Blaze_edge for calling this in.