LG Optimus 2X awarded first dual-core smart phone title by Guiness World Records

The LG Optimus 2X, the first android smart phone to spot a dual-core processor has been certified as the world’s first dual-core by Guiness World Records with its launch on 25th January this year. The record entry can be found here.

However we felt that the term “first dual-core smart phone” is a debatable. No doubt it is the first for Android device but we do know that the Nokia E90 Communicator launched sometime in 2007 had a TI OMAP2420 processor with 2 cores. It is arguable that the E90’s dual-core is different from today as it had a core of 300MHz ARM processor while the other is a 220MHz C55x DSP which is meant for dedicated functions. To us, that still counts for having 2 cores although it is not running the way dual-core should be with identical cores. Perhaps the smart phone definition today has been revised which leaves out early generation smart phone devices.

Debate on dual-core aside, without a doubt that the Optimus 2X is in the forefront of offering dual-core Android device which heats up the competition among the major players. Even the Samsung Galaxy S II which we expected as the first to offer in Malaysia had to revise its launch plans to offer 1.2GHz dual-core processor instead.

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