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iPad 2 accessory prices compared with other countries

While the iPad 2 price in Malaysia is among the cheapest globally, we wanted to find out whether it was the same story for its accessories. So we proceeded to compare the listed price of popular accessories such as the Smart Cover, Camera Connection Kit, iPad Dock and Digital Adapter.

From our findings above, the Leather Smart Cover in Malaysia is among the most expensive of the bunch at RM299. As comparison, getting it from Hong Kong costs RM209 while Singapore at RM237. Fortunately not all accessories are expensive in Malaysia as the iPad 2 dock and Camera Connection Kit is much more reasonable below RM100. Even our poly smart cover is similarly priced as Australia.

If you have a friend or relative who is flying back from the “cheaper accessory” countries above, you might want to consider buying your Leather Smart Cover from overseas instead. Again like the previous iPad 2 price comparison, prices above are listed from Apple Store online and it doesn’t include additional tax and possible rebates depending on country.