Google Docs app for Android

Google has just released Google Docs app for Android platform which makes it easy to manage your docs stored online. The app however still relies heavily on data as the editing and viewing is still done on the net. Each time you open or edit a document or spreadsheet, it launches the online editor which runs on its built-in browser.

Some of the key features is having the ability to upload most office documents directly from your phone and it even lets you create documents with your camera or a taken image. According to Google, there’s an optical character recognition (OCR) feature which converts photos taken of documents into text format. When we tried, we couldn’t get it to work and according to Google it only works for certain fonts. This OCR feature is expected to improve further over time and we think this will be a convenient way to copy text from printed materials.

To make things easier, the app also comes with widgets which lets you view your latest document listings or take a photo document from your Android home screen. Google Docs for Android is currently available for Android 2.1 and above.

You can download it directly from the market here.