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iPad 2 price comparison around the world

When the iPad 2 pricing was revealed in Malaysia, the pricing was the talk of the town with its starting price below RM1500 for its entry level 16GB WiFi model. This was a significant price reduction over the original iPad being RM50 cheaper for WiFi and RM100 cheaper for the 3G models. One of contributing factors would be the strengthening of Ringgit Malaysia against the dollar, which makes US goods supposedly cheaper.

So how are we are doing globally when most Asian countries start to offer the iPad 2 recently? The above is a simple comparison of its listed iPad 2 prices from Apple’s Store online. From this list, Malaysia is among the cheapest in the world for iPad 2 pricing. Do note however that these figures are taken directly from each respective website which is inclusive or exclusive of its local taxes required by its government. In the South East Asian region, Malaysians are getting it cheaper even compared to our Singaporean neighbour which they had to fork out about RM100 extra.