iPad 2 price comparison around the world

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When the iPad 2 pricing was revealed in Malaysia, the pricing was the talk of the town with its starting price below RM1500 for its entry level 16GB WiFi model. This was a significant price reduction over the original iPad being RM50 cheaper for WiFi and RM100 cheaper for the 3G models. One of contributing factors would be the strengthening of Ringgit Malaysia against the dollar, which makes US goods supposedly cheaper.

So how are we are doing globally when most Asian countries start to offer the iPad 2 recently? The above is a simple comparison of its listed iPad 2 prices from Apple’s Store online. From this list, Malaysia is among the cheapest in the world for iPad 2 pricing. Do note however that these figures are taken directly from each respective website which is inclusive or exclusive of its local taxes required by its government. In the South East Asian region, Malaysians are getting it cheaper even compared to our Singaporean neighbour which they had to fork out about RM100 extra.

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hey there soya_cincau blog admin may i add another country Brunei into the list
here are the info from AV Electronics Facebook (conversion B$1=RM$2.4)
16GB Wifi B$668/RM$1603
32GB Wifi B$798/RM$1915
64GB Wifi B$928/RM$2227
16GB Wifi + 3g B$848/RM$2035
32GB Wifi + 3g B$978/RM$2347
64GB Wifi + 3g B$1108/RM$2659


I think the comparison could be a bit misleading. It's just fluctuate due to currency value. Comparison should have used the USD as a common indicator first, then convert back to RM. Otherwise it just shows that RM is strengthened against USD, but weakened against other currencies.


    Currency has always been a fluctuating factor and the prices mentioned above are taken in today's context. If you convert foreign forex to US and back to RM, it wouldn't make much difference. The aim of this comparison is simple, should you buy your iPad overseas or locally? At the same time, travelers or Malaysians working abroad might consider buying their iPads in Malaysia.


how could you say Malaysia is among the cheapest? Well, so far, Hong Kong is the cheapest in ASIA, where as US is the cheapest in the World.


    You are absolutely incorrect Will. You forget to include the VAT for USA. Which is you buy on your travels, is non-refundable. And pushes the margin of difference by a fair amount. Malaysia's pricing already includes the VAT which is why we ARE amongst the cheapest.


    Why isn't it among the cheapest? It is cheaper than most countries which are RM1600-RM1900 range for the entry level wifi version? Like keith had pointed out, you would need to factor tax which isn't included in the price.


Of course it is cheap, an inferior product should be priced cheaper anyway.


    And the Xoom is reasonably priced? hmm…


How is this helping? We may be RM100 cheaper than Singapore, but bear in mind, while we are paid RM3000 here, those in Ssingapore of d same level are paid $SG 3000. We might be one of the cheapest, but the ipad is still that affordable, at least for entree level everyday joe. Just my two cents.


    Let's not get into salary scale and cost of living. 🙂 But this also means that Singaporeans that commute often to Malaysia might consider getting their iPad here.

      Kiwi in Malaysia

      well how can you NOT get into salary scales and costs of living? That is the very definition of whether something is 'affordable' or not.

      If you earn peanuts, it doesn't matter how cheap the product is compared to overseas, it is still unaffordable. It's all very well saying that Malaysia offers just about the cheapest price for the ipad 2 but if people here earn very little compared to overseas then it's just window dressing isn't it? If the ipad 2 was priced ACCORDING TO PURCHASING POWER then in Malaysia it should be around RM400.

      THAT'S the comparison. Everything else is meaningless.


        Hi there,

        It is no secret that the salary scale and cost of living in Malaysia is in dire straits which affects our purchasing power greatly. The objective of this comparison is not whether iPad 2 is affordable or not but simply comparison of the price tags sold in several countries. If there's one thing that needs to be addressed, it would be the minimum wage. This is beyond iPad and affordability of gadgets but also other essential goods like food, fuel and transport.

        What determines the price of the iPad is the cost to make the one, margins which Apple rakes in, shipping costs and taxes imposed by respective governments. In most cases, gadgets in Malaysia are overpriced like the Nexus S where it is sold cheaper overseas even after conversion of currency. For the iPad, we're lucky that it is priced lower than others.

        If the iPad is sold at RM400, I'm sure we will be seeing lots of scalpers from HK heading our way. 😛 The comparison is just to answer questions like "Is it cheaper to buy my iPad at Singapore or Australia?"


        I see someone is thinking through his arse here or his brain is located in the south region. If you cant afford it, dont buy it. It doesnt mean its less affordable for anyone else. If you're comparing every single detail… technically you need to factor in inflation… bla bla bla

        Here the comparison is where all variables are equal except the actual price of the product. If you want to be too smart or give an Economics lecture, please head over to an Econs forum


Why is everybody comparing an American product which is made in China with cost of living in Singapore? On that logic, those in poor or low developed countries MUST be sold cheaper than developed countries? I don't think this is anything about MOST affordable iPad is in Malaysia but just price by ringgit to ringgit convert.


aiya y talk bout costs of living and purchasing power here on a tech blog?
it might not be affordable to alot of people, hey its an apple product
apple product is never cheap, but its definitely competitively priced here in bolehland


Thank God iPad 2 has finally arrived in Asia. The 1 month wait of Asians just made it more favorable to Apple. Compared to last year, a month’s wait is better than 4 months. I just hope that they would wait a little while before they even announce the release of iPad 3. Just let everyone enjoy their gadget first.

TY Tan

The bulk of Msia's iPad 2 will probably be sold in the grey market of Bangkok and Jakarta.


    haha not worth it for a few hundred of profits, not accounting for transportation and warranty claims.


I think the statement of ppl in Singapore spending extra rm100 is misleading. The salary they earn is one to one with us. We do not earn 2.4 times more than them and if they are paying 668 compared to us paying 1499. It's only countered cheaper if a person earning RM buys it from Malaysia compared to Singapore


    Even if you earn SG, it is cheaper to buy from Malaysia than Singapore.


Thanks for this sum up!! **Thumbs upp!!!**
Yup, am not sure why people reading a post titled
"iPad 2 price comparison around the world" to become
"iPad 2 affordability around the world"

Money is never enough. IF you think working overseas can earn you BIG MONEY, making iPad more affordable, go ahead!!! Migrate!!! Singapore are just HOURS away….


    I agree. I hope more idiots go to Singapore. It will lower their average IQ… which is actually bad enough. Never liked that sorry excuse of a country… but then again I admit I've always been prejudiced towards the Singaporeans due to personal experiences. And if that makes me a "racist"… I'm guilty as charged! 😀

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arino zu

buy in Malaysia, resell at Singapore. earn at least RM100 per set. sell 10 sets profit = RM 1000. Singapore buy back price is S$850.


i think that we need to look at dolar to dolar comparison with the case of singapore. when you do that we would know that malaysian machine or mac city is selling at higher price and trying to milk the profit from the ipad 2. i just hope that the ipad 3 comes out at shorter interval for these people to profiter some more. technology is meant for all not the rich and those that want to be stylo only

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wat bout bangkok?i heard tat it costs bout USD380 there.can any1 suggest me something on this coz im going 2 bangkok next month and i dont know whether 2 take it 4m my own country or bangkok, bout which i read on the 1st link of google tat it is very cheap.was tat price list old or wrong or really true?please,some1, let me know!


hye….who wants ipad2 16gb wifi at RM1450…kindly do [email protected] me at [email protected]….i'll contact u back later..thanks