Machines issue FAQ for those who want to queue for the iPad 2 |

Machines issue FAQ for those who want to queue for the iPad 2

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Update: iPad 2 stock at Machines KLCC. Photo credit: cerventus.

In anticipation of long, long, long queues at all official Apple retailers across Malaysia, Machines — one of the country’s more prominent Apple retailers — have posted FAQs related to the purchasing process for the iPad 2 on launch day.

Head on after the jump for the full list but here are the more pertinent points:

  • All Machines outlets will carry the iPad 2 EXCEPT for its outlet in the Gardens at Mid Valley.
  • Retail store sales will begin at 1000hrs. Not all outlets will allow you to queue overnight. Machines Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, allow overnight queues. Machines KLCC, Bukit Tinggi, Lot 10 and JB City Square do not. Queue for these outlets will be right outside the outlets from the time of mall opens to public, roughly around 0900hrs.
  • Purchases are limited to two units per customer.

Will all Machines outlets carry iPad 2 stocks?
YES all Machines outlets will get stocks except for Gardens.

When will Machines start selling the iPad 2?
On Friday 29th April 2011, morning from 10am onwards.

Can I queue up the night before for my iPad 2?
Machines Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid- The mall management will allow queuing over night (28 April 2011) as long as there is no disruption or chaos.

Machines KLCC, Bukit Tinggi , Lot 10 and JB City Square – Mall security of the shopping complexes doesnt allow customers to be in the complexes after closing hours. Queue for the iPad2 will be outside our shop from the time of mall opens to public, approximately at 9:00am. Customers are required to in front of the outlet.

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What happens on Friday morning?
We will have notifications (queue starts here) at our store front on Friday morning. Please queue up accordingly. Once we open the store we will be giving out numbers (according to the quantity of iPads we have in stock) to those waiting inline. So if we run out of numbers you wont have to wait in queue. Each customer is entitled to maximum of TWO (2) cards, and each card is entitled to ONE (1) iPad 2 purchase only. For those in queue without the numbers, we will take down your particulars so that we can notify you once we have stocks.

What happens when in queue?
You will be asked which iPad 2 you would like to purchase. Upon deciding, you will receive a queue card according to the model you order, once you get a queue card you are not allowed to change the model. A mobile broadband plan will be available for purchase if you choose to add on. All must stay in queue at all times until the cashier counter.

Payment mode for iPad 2?
We accept cash, credit card or debit card only. No cheque or easy payment applicable for iPad2 purchases.

Will Machines sell the original Apple accessories for iPad 2?
Yes. we will be selling all the iPad 2 original accessories.

Is there a limited as to how many iPad 2 I can purchase?
Yes, due to limited stocks, we are limiting TWO (2) iPad 2 per customer.

Can I pre book or reserve my iPad 2?
Sorry no reservation or prebook allowed. Its based on first come first serve basis.

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23 Comments for Machines issue FAQ for those who want to queue for the iPad 2


Overnight queuing for an Apple product in Malaysia, now that's cool! lolz… I hope there'll be lots of photos being posted on the lines tomorrow!


    Really? I really wonder do overnight queue really happens in Malaysia?


eh…whatever happen to the xoom that is supposed to be announced by Maxis today kan?


    me too, i m coming over to this site to get some news regards to Xoom instead of iPad2


how about SG, is it confirmed that they will be selling ipad 2 tomorrow…


    yes, it is confirmed.


Just bought an iPad 3 weeks ago….tomorrow buying iPad 2….already bought Xoom and samsung tab… far, iPad still my fav! Period!


Will the 3G version be available? If yes, would it be open-SIM where I can use any SIM-card such as Maxis, Digi or Celcom?

    Maverick Wil

    Yes the 3G version will be available. And yes they will be 'open-SIM'.


When Asus Transformer gonna reach Malaysia then???

    Syarizul Ikhwan

    Info from it's on May.


there is more than 20 apple authorize reseller selling ipad 2.

i don't think its necessary to queue overnight for it right??

correct me if i'm wrong.



KLCC got 300 units of ipad2


May I know how many Units available in Sunway ??


Hey man. Called Machines in City Square JB just now. They told me the iPad2 will not be available there for sale tomorrow. Stocks haven't come yet. Can you confirm on this?


does anyone try to engrave ipad1 via apple store online? because i can't seems to find the option.
hopefully ipad2 allows engraving


    ss1234, when you check out… it will ask you if you want to engrave… do take note it will take a bit more time to arrive to your door steps.


Lim : No idea how many available in Sunway. I was told 300 in KLCC while I was there…


i was told mac studio at low yat only have 100, one person only can buy one. by 11:30 finish already.


Got mine today. 64G 3G Black… Much2 better than my ipad1. TQ KLCC.


The image posted above were stocks for the Smart Cover, not the iPad.

Lim Wee Lay

when wll launch in City Square J.B july