Official iPad 2 Malaysia pricing revealed |

Official iPad 2 Malaysia pricing revealed

Posted:  April 27, 2011   By:    18 comments   

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UPDATE: iPad 2 launched. New stock expected next week or you can order online. Read about it here.

There you go iPad 2 hopefuls. Your biggest question about the iPad 2 has been answered. Right after the official announcement from Apple that iPad 2 is indeed coming to Malaysia this Friday, one of Malaysia’s largest Apple retailers — Machines — has revealed the official pricing for the device, and it is cheaper than expected!

Overall the iPad 2 is cheaper across the board that the original, up to RM100 for some models compared to the original and it RM100 cheaper all-round than our earlier estimated price.

16GB: iPad RM1,549 — iPad 2 RM1,499
32GB: iPad RM1,849 — iPad 2 RM1,799
64GB: iPad RM2,149 — iPad 2 RM2,099

16GB: iPad RM1,999 — iPad 2 RM1,899
32GB: iPad RM2,299 — iPad 2 RM2,199
64GB: iPad RM2,599 — iPad 2 RM2,499

No word of how much the Smart Cover will cost but now you know that it’s not going to deviate much from the estimated RM150 for the polyurethane version and RM250 for the leather casing.

Sale for the iPad 2 will start this Friday, April 29 at 9am for retail stores and 1am for online purchases. Expect long, long, long, long lines at all official retail outlets. You have been warned.

Thanks @Blaze_Edge and @mushtaqtera for the tip!


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18 Comments for Official iPad 2 Malaysia pricing revealed


Cheaper than flyer! Am about to get flyer, but price wise damn …


    Flyer? Wait for Xoom or Galaxy tab 8.9"/10.1", why get flyer, the price just doesn't make Flyer a smart buy…


    get the transformer dude!


    Flyer price is too much I know, but I like the pen concept.
    Well maybe because I like hTC too much 😉
    It still bugs me why people will go to such trouble to get an iPad 2 tho
    Thanks for the tips guyss, will consider Galaxy or Xoom.

Tarmizi Kamaruddin

Long live Android!

SId NEe Ng



damn ! how cool its is.

Amjad khan

helo every body my name is Amjad khan nd i m belong pakistan buner torwarsak . Nd nw i m malysia labuan. A have Apple ipad 2 i request every persin tht any problem ur ipad2 or N97 plz contect with me. This is my numbr. 0143514939.


Jangan lupa : 1) Samsung Galaxy Tab memiliki perisian yang amat penting – Flash, sedangkan iPad2 dan iPhone4 tiada langsung!
2) Galaxy Tab ada slot Memory Card, iPad langsung tiada..apa le jahil nya jika beli iPad!
3) Galaxy Tab lebih murah berbanding iPad yang mahal entah apa-apa tah – tak masuk akal.
4) Galaxy Tab memiliki perisian OS yang paling canggih – Android 3.2 berbanding iPad2 agak yang kuno.
5) Galaxy Tab memiliki kamera 3.2 megapixel lebih hebat dari iPad cuma 0.7 megapixel je.
6) Galaxy ada GPRS dan 3G manakala iPad tiada!
7) iPad buatan Yahudi Amerika sedangkan Samsung Galaxy Tab buatan Asia kita – Korea…

Jadi ape kejadahnya dan bodohnya jika kita beli iPad2

Where's your head?

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