DiGi Family packages with HTC Android bundles

DiGi is now offering Family packages which bundles an Android smart phone with DG Smart Plan, DiGi Broadband and supplementary lines. What you’ll get is a lower combined monthly commitment plus greater savings from the purchase of HTC Incredible S or HTC Desire HD.

There are 3 choices to choose from ranging from DG Family Simple which consists of DG Smart Plan and broadband from RM98/month. Next would be DG Family Super which comes with the same thing but with 1-3 additional sublines from just RM123. For the bigger family, there’s the DG Family Plus with comes with 4-6 lines.

This is something worth considering if you’re looking for a new phone and you have additional supplement lines under you. Plus the additional 3GB Broadband data is a nice add-on to the mix.

If you’re an existing DG Smart Plan user, you can upgrade to this plan as long you are not tied with any smart phone contracts. For more information, head to DiGi’s Family package page here.