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P1 4G Fast and Furious Broadband Promo

Recently you probably have seen P1 4G doing tie in ads with the latest installment of Fast and Furious movie. The movie sponsorship, if it considered as one seems to portray P1 as a speed demon broadband in conjunction with its Stronger, Wider and Faster motto. From the surface, it looks as if P1 is hard selling the movie more than its own broadband service which is actually having some noteworthy offers.

For the past several months, P1 has been doing its 50% off promo on its broadband service for 2 months on both fixed home broadband and portable USB broadband plans. Now they have thrown in more discounts for new subscriptions.

Home Broadband

For fixed home usage, they are offering subscription of only RM49 for 3 months on both Pro (4.8Mbps) and Plus (1.2Mbps) broadband plans. This gives substantial savings for Pro users of RM270 from monthly subscription fees alone. The promo 3 months subscription fee does not apply on its lowest Lite (400kbps) plan.

Portable Broadband

For portable plans, they offer promo rates with RM10-30 reduction depending on plans for 6 months. Casual W1GGY (600kbps) is offered at RM49 (RM10 savings), W1GGY (1.5Mbps) at RM69 (RM20 savings) while Super W1GGY (No limit) at RM99 (RM30 savings) which gives a total savings of RM60, RM120 and RM180 off the total monthly subscription respectively.

If you’re interested, you can head to their home broadband page here or W1GGY page here. New subscribers can stand a chance to win some holiday trips too.

It baffles us to why P1 would overshadow its plans and services for a movie, considering they have a pretty good offer with substantial savings at the moment. Even from the ads and banners, we felt that P1 is underselling its services which should be a main focus instead. Other telcos do have tie ups with artists and movies but they were done without overshadowing its core services. Anyway, perhaps P1 has its own reasons and they should know better.