answers all your iPad 2 questions

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Update: Full pricing details of the iPad 2 in Malaysia has been revealed Official iPad 2 Malaysia pricing revealedhere.

Update 2: We take a closer look at the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 here.

If you’re planning to get the iPad 2, you’ve probably already read all the reviews and looked at all the videos about the device so there’s actually no need for another review here.

We’ve just bought ourselves a unit and what we want to do instead is answer any questions that you might have about the device. Just post your questions in the comment section below and feel free to ask us about anything and everything that you want to know about the iPad 2.

How’s is the camera?
Does the iPad 2 feel heavy?
Is the Smart Cover worth it?
Should I get the 3G or WiFi version?, where did you get your iPad 2?!

Whatever you want to know, just ask. We will post our replies to your questions based on our first hand experience as iPad 2 owners.

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150 Comments for answers all your iPad 2 questions


hey, I'm planning to fly back to malaysia from US soon.. i bought an ipad2 + 3G (AT&T) and im bringing it back along…

just want to know, is it usable in malaysia with maxis, celcom or digi 3G?

and will my international warranty be covered at local stores here?

thanks for clearing my doubts


    You can use your AT&T iPad 2 with a Malaysian micro SIM no issues there. In terms of warranty, if its full international warranty from Apple then we guess it should be ok. Just need to bring it to an authorised Apple reseller.

Wafiy Dzaki

is Apple going to update the OS?
i find Android Honeycomb more flexible in function than ipad, unless they are going to update it.


    iOS 5 is coming soon but even then Honeycomb is more feature packed.

    The problem with Honeycomb however is the lack of app support, so even if you have all that feature, your limited to what you can do with it.

    In terms of app ecosystem, the iOS is still way in front.

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ipad2 wifi+3G malaysia made in CHINA??????!!!!!


    All Apple iOS devices are made in China…

      Rui Di

      Yeah, China made High quality stuff too 🙂


Which is better, samsung galaxy tab 7inch or the ipad 2?


    In term of form factor, the 7-inch tablet is better for casual browsing and reading eBooks. With the iPad, you will come to situations where it becomes too cumbersome and heavy.

    In terms of features, it depends on your preference. The iPad is easy to use and there are a lot of apps you can download and the integration between App Store and other things means that the iPad delivers a great user experience.

    This is not saying that the Galaxy Tab 7 doesn't, it's just that the Android OS is not as "polished" as the iOS in certain areas.

      Rui Di

      actual experience will tell you that Ipad is the machine to go. It does crashes like Android but it is way smoother than Andriod. if you compare function, yes IPAD seems to have less. But put it this way, Do you use the "extra" functions in Android often? Ipad has less things but it performed well and consistent, not the Galaxy Tab 7 that i used before. I was in that dilemma before but i buy Ipad2 at the end. Hope my 2 cents give you a better picture

Carl J.


1. Yes it does but like other tablets or smartphone not every flash content is compatible. HTML5 is the way to go.

2.Yes, there are certain hardware that can be connected and played to the ipad 2 including but not limited to photos in card readers and even Adobe Photoshop programs.

Mandy Tyng

Is iPad 2 (no 3G feature) able to use talkbox application?


    Should be able to. Unlike Whatsapp that identifies you via your mobile number, Talkbox works using user ID, so it should work on a WiFI device


      Yes you can use whatsapps with jb ipad


Hii..just wanna hv some advising..base on your experiences ,which tablets are recommended either the PlayBook or iPad2??? cause now am still searching for those compatible tablet for my self.. anyway am a BB smartphone user..maybe you can give some tips and suggestion..


    It really depends on your preference. Check out of first impressions on the BlackBerry PlayBook:…

    The PlayBook is advanced in terms of multi-tasking and web fidelity. Both of these features deliver am experience very much like what you would get on a computer but the apps ecosystem is premature so you will be limited with the apps that you can download.

    On the iPad. It's a tablet that allows you to do a lot of things but it is not without its limitations. Having said that, iOS has the best app ecosystem out there so you will be spoiled for choice. Also the iPad is easier to use than the PlayBook.

    Hope this helps.


can i connect internet with my digi broadband using ipad?

Miss Lim

May i know stock for ipad2 white colour still available at apple shop now?today dated 27/06/11


do ipad 2 still have LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) at dock & jack?


should i buy an ipad2? i have a BB and ipod touch 4 now.
i'm thinking of having a tablet device, but dunno yet which tablet should i get.
perhaps, do i really need those ipad2? i'm so confuse rite now. 🙁
and if I've decided to buy ipad2, should i wait for ios 5 or just go get it now?

    Rui Di

    i think the first ques you have to justify yourself, for end one, you can get it now since you can update to ios5 when it is out


    Rui Di is right. The only person that can answer your questions is you. What will you be using the tablet for primarily? That is the most important question


Hello im from kedah, malaysia..
Where can i found apple store in kedah?

sales person

Im a sales person that is always on the go
now I would like to switch to ipad 2 however i worry that the ipad 2 might not be able to support the insurance company application that i have installed in my netbook
I know the OS for my netbook is window 7 and the OS for ipad 2 is iOS4
Is iOS4 support most of the application just like window system?
do you think I can install the insurance company application in the ipad 2 with no error?


    You'll have to check with your Insurance company. Don't think the software can run on either devices. Unless there's a web application. Even then, you have to check with the company. If the web-app requires flash. You're out of luck with the iPad.

    No, you need apps programmed specifically for the iOS. You can install or run non-iOS software on the iPad


Hi. I have iPad 2 with 3g and WiFi. But I don't subscribe to any 3g plan. So can I still use papago as gps standalone without the 3g cellular plan..?


    should be ok but the tracking accuracy will be affected


is there any warranty for ipad 2? how long? any warranty card provided?


    Purchases from authorised resellers and online from Apple Store carry a 12-month warranty. You can opt for an additional 2-year warranty but that is a cost option — RM249 additional to be specific.


why is my 3G not working in my ipad2? it simply states that there is no service although I am in a location where service is for Maxis is always available.


hi, i'm in dilemma here.
1. either to purchase Ipad 2 or Samsung 10.1. not try 10.1 because many of celcom outlet still don't have display model. which is better and easy to use?
2. how i want to copy pictures from lappy to tablet?
3. i already got internet on my phone, so if i just use the same sim card on the tablet, can it still functioning or need to subscribe new internet plan (either ipad or 10.1)
4. can 10.1 use external memory such as micro SD or others?



If I want to buy an IPAD2 in Malaysia and to be used in the USA :-

(a) Do I need to buy a POWER ADAPTER for the charger (although still can use USB to charge) ? ; and

(b) Is the warranty for the IPAD2 (bought in M'sia) international type?



Is the white one better or the black one ??? I seriously need to knw… im having a big problem choosing it! SOYA CINCAU PLSS HELP!!!!