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Celcom iPhone 4 plans now official

The iPhone 4 plans from Celcom is now official and it matches the earlier unofficial iPhone 4 plans.

From the official plans, the earlier device pricing were actually for 24 months contract. Now it is also revealed that Celcom is also offering the device for 12 months period as well. This makes Celcom and Maxis both offering 12 and 24 month plans while DiGi only with 24 months option. The 3 plans for bundling contract are known as Celcom Biz Pi 98, Biz Pi 148 and Biz Pi 248 which are business oriented plans.

UPDATE: Other notable points from the offer includes:

  • Get 2 for the price of 1 for first 100 during the launch day. 2nd unit is a 16GB version and both must be on 24 months contract.
  • Upfront payment for 12 months is RM300 for (Pi98, Pi148) and RM720 for (Pi248), while 24 months contract is RM420 (Pi98), RM600 (Pi148) and RM1200 (Pi248).
  • Extended warranty for additional 1 year
  • No mention what happens if exceed data quota as can’t find mobile internet details on Celcom Biz website. However from this unverified source, mentions that speeds will be throttled to 128kbps after exceeding usage.

Head after the break for clearer Celcom’s iPhone 4 pricing and plan details.

For more information, head to Celcom’s new Smartphone page here.

Special thanks to @linaminami for sharing the brochure!