Unconfirmed: Celcom iPhone 4 plans

Posted:  April 20, 2011   By:    24 comments   


UPDATE: iPhone 4 plans from Celcom now official with 12 and 24 months pricing. Read more.

An anonymous tipster revealed what he/she claims to be the details for the Celcom iPhone 4 plans. Although we can’t confirm whether this is the real deal or not, we still thought that it’s worth sharing.

Thank you anonymous tipster, whoever you are.

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24 Comments for Unconfirmed: Celcom iPhone 4 plans

Celcom launching iPhone 4 plans this Friday | SoyaCincau

[…] Full details of the iPhone 4 plans from Celcom here. […]


i think it's a little bit late for celcom.

Aizat Aziz

after 2gb data usage?..got charge?… huhuhu…


    have you heard of celcom charging their customer after they exceeded their data quota? i dont think so but Digi and Maxis yes, they will charge you if you exceeded.


      Sorry but Digi don't. Maxis YES they charge you till RM5000~ also a very common case.


Interesting part. even it's not a confirm pricing & packages..How you got this? upload it at 2oth April 2011..

benjamin lee


i want one ….from digi


if this is with a 2 year contract, then celcom's iphone 4 plan will go down in smokes! lol… Digi online store now even offering additional RM200 off the normal price, and that total up to below RM3400, compared to this RM3641…


    bro.. from celcom its for 1 year contract only 🙂 … and for monthly commitment RM98.. u just have to pay RM1500 ..and for today only its buy 1 free 1… LOL .. so good with celcom


      How true is that …. Buy 1 free 1????


        for 1st 100 Enterprise customer, yes. Buy 1, free 1… Today only..


        It's true but for enterprise customers only at the moment


    hoaxter! april fool

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[…] Update: Unofficial details of Celcom iPhone 4 plans here. […]


Waaah.. celcom also comes out with iPhone4 plan 😀

Celcom iPhone 4 plans officially revealed | SoyaCincau

[…] The iPhone 4 plans from Celcom is now official and it matches the earlier unofficial iPhone 4 plans. […]

Iphone freak

Much cheaper than maxis?


    if based on the unconfirmed plan, then i think is cheaper


walao…damn cheap la…i wan buy 2 iphone4…gt more cheaper?..


try few days already – still can't find their plan in Celcom website – really disappointed. anyone can tell where to subscribe this?

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