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RM199 for the HTC Flyer. What’s the catch Maxis?

At the HTC Flyer launch, Maxis revealed that it will offer the RM2,499 RRP device for a ridiculously low RM199 with contract. That is a whopping RM2,399 off the list price or a very generous 90% discount.

Naturally, we posted this right away and immediately the comments and tweets came flooding in. Some said we made a typo, some said Maxis made a typo, others claim that Maxis will offering a high monthly fee to compensate for the low price.

So to settle this once and for all We asked Maxis Chief Operation Officer, Jean Pascal Van Overbeke, what is the catch behind this to-good-to-be-true deal. Was the RM199 price announcement a misprint, did he mention the wrong number during his speech? What about the monthly commitment? Will it be ridiculously high?

Jean Pascal’s answer was frank and straight to the point. “The package will be competitive and interesting, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. We don’t want to have it (the HTC Flyer) stuck you know, we want to sell it.”

He promised to reveal all the details on May 12. Very well, we’ll keep in touch then. To register your interest, head over to Maxis Android Tablet page.