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Maxis opens registration of interest for Motorola Xoom

Hats off to Maxis. If our hats have hats, they would probably take them off to Maxis too. Fresh out of the HTC Flyer announcement today Maxis has open registration of interest for the Motorola Xoom — the hero device for the tablet specific Android Honeycomb OS.

As usual, no other details are available at the moment, leaving us all guessing when the Xoom launch will happen. Are we looking at the same availability data as the HTC Flyer? Your guess is as good ours.

Also, the Xoom is currently only available in WiFi version. With no dependency on SIM cards, it will be very interesting to see how Maxis is going to tie the Xoom with a bundling plan.

Whatever plan it will be, Maxis, you’re spoiling us with all these choices. To be the first to know when will it launch, you may register yourself at Maxis Android Tablet page here.