HTC Flyer with Maxis for as low as RM199

Posted:  April 15, 2011   By:    14 comments   

Maxis and HTC today announced the launch of the HTC Flyer. Here are some of the updates at the event.

The HTC Flyer will be priced at RM2,499 outright with market availability starting from May 12 at all Maxis Centres and Maxis Exclusive Partners. Maxis has yet to reveal plans and packages for the Flyer but have indicated the that the Flyer will be offered for as low as RM199 with contract.

MCMC regulations states that an operator can’t offer contracts for more than 24 months. If we take that into consideration and assuming that the monthly bundled plans are reasonable, this is one good deal for a rather interesting tablet device.

Stay tune for more updates.

Update: We spoke to Maxis COO, Jean Pascal Van Overbeke about the RM199 contract purchase price for the HTC Flyer. He confirms that there is no typo and that Maxis will indeed offer the HTC Flyer for RM199. When asked whether there is a catch, he answered “There is no catch”. Watch it all here.

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14 Comments for HTC Flyer with Maxis for as low as RM199


RM199? Maybe the monthly plan bundled with this price is RM200 monthly..:p

Hiew Vun Yau

for RM199, I'm guessing Maxis will be launching a newer + higher monthly pricing?! lol…


    yeap..definitely..otherwise from where will they get they money from..


199 OMG, I'm so gonna get this no matter how broke m I now

Sam Wong

Wondering how was the HTC going to compete with iPad 2 which is only USD499 compare to RM2499 !!


    Don't worry, I'm waiting ASUS eee pad transformer USD399!

    Tsul Kalu

    You never know if the 30% tariff will be slapped on Apple when the iPad 2 comes it. It's unlikely, since for some reason, iPhones and iPads are immune to the Malaysia's 30% import tariff, HTC devices are not.

    This is why so many devices are 30+% cheaper in Singapore.

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Tsul Kalu

199/month + choose a data plan.


Sam Wong

Acer A500 launched in China WIFI only was priced RMB3299, around RM1650.00


Nothing happen on May 12, where is the RM 199 Maxis HTC flyer? Is it a joke?

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RM 2499 is much more expensive than Honey Comp tablet… WT?

Cant understand why they want to fix the price so high until people feel pain to buy with cash…

Lame……. I really wish all these big money sucker company will be beaten by a good responsible company…