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Maxis WiFi Hotspot Service

Maxis has finally revealed its Maxis WiFi Hotspot service. Earlier on this was silently mentioned during its iPhone 4 price slash where it comes as a Free subscription for new subscribers. However it was later removed and we wondered if the service was ready for prime time. Now looks like it is finally ready and had reappeared on Maxis site together with its full packages.

Currently this service is only available for Maxis postpaid and Hotlink Prepaid customers. For SMS activations, there are 3 plans available – RM3 daily, RM10 weekly and RM20 monthly with 500MB, 2GB and 4GB quota respectively. Once you have finished your data quota or if your access has expired, your subscription will be terminated immediately.

However for postpaid customers, there’s another plan option which is rather affordable if you subscribe online. Maxis offers RM3/month with 2GB access for Maxis postpaid customers. That’s quite a vast difference compared to its SMS activated packages.

In terms of coverage availability, we can’t seem to get a list as the WiFi Coverage Area finder is not working. You can try your luck again over here. For any assistance related to Maxis WiFi, you can call their careline at 1800 82 1123.

This isn’t the first time Maxis offered a WiFi subscription service as they previously had a WiFi service branded Utopia alongside other providers such as AirZed and TM Hotspot during the early days.

Currently we got no clue where this service is available but this seems to be an affordable add-on option for Maxis subscribers. For RM3 a month with 2GB quota, the WiFi option is great for users that often tether their phones with Maxis 3G network or those who often exceed their monthly quotas. All it boils down to is its coverage at popular hotspots such as shopping mall and coffee houses.

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For more information on Maxis WiFi Hotspot, click here.