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Android fans, get your Android fix at The Taken Shop

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or have no inclination towards any mobile OS whatsoever, you have to admit that the little green Android is a cute little fella.

And when it comes to cute little fellas, limited edition collectibles that take a likeness of the little green robot are downright irresistible to some people. Heck, these collectibles are irresistible to most people.

So if you’re an Android fan or just have the propensity to collect collectibles, then The Taken Shop is the place to go to get your fix. Being satisfied customers before, we’re pretty surprised that the founders of The Taken Shop approached us to feature them on We gladly obliged.

Service at The Taken Shop is top-notch, delivery is fast and even the packaging is solid. You’ll be sure that your Android won’t get damaged during transit. All the Android figurines sold at Taken Shop are the real deal originals and you’d be hard-pressed to get them anywhere else. It fact, if you’ve been to any Android device product showcase before, the many Android figurines that you see most probably came from The Taken Shop.

Best of all, The Taken Shop is local so you save a huge bundle on shipping and handling costs. Also, they regularly update their Android collectible range so do head on over to to check out the latest Android collectibles.