BlackBerry Torch 2 getting closer to launch

Early this year, we talked about the upcoming trio of next-generation BlackBerry devices promising BlackBerry 6 OS all-round and a slew of enhancements. One of the is a replacement for the BlackBerry Torch, RIM’s first smart phone that combined both a physical QWERTY keyboard and a full touch screen.

A lot was riding on the BlackBerry Torch for RIM but at the end of the day it’s underpowered processor and some lacking functionality in the BlackBerry 6 OS meant that the Torch received less than flattering reviews all round.

Enter the BlackBerry Torch 2 featuring a faster processor, improved OS and a higher resolution screen. Boy Genius Report got their hands on a working unit of the device and have this to say:

This is really what the original Torch should have been; instead of an underpowered, under-spec’d handset, the Torch 2 really offers a great experience from what we have seen so far.

It looks like the earlier specs have pretty much remained the same including a 1.2GHz processor (original Torch 624Mhz, RAM stays the same at 512MB), more on-board storage (8GB compared to 4GB previously). You also get an updated screen that’s the same size (3.2 inches) but has a higher resolution at 640×480 pixel as opposed to the current 480×360 pixel screen.

So could this be the Torch that you’ve been waiting for? Official announcement is scheduled for May at BlackBerry World and market availability around Jun/July, so it won’t be a long wait to find out.

Hit up the source link for more pictures. We’re not too keen on the bright silver colour and the checkered back plate design though. The sleek black and gun-metal grey theme of the current Torch is more classy in our opinion.

More pictures here.