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Celcom LG Optimus 2X Plans

The world’s first dual-core Android smart phone is ow available in Malaysia at an unbelievable price of RM1,899 outright. If you’re willing to sign-up on a contract with Celcom, the Optimus 2X becomes even cheaper and can be had for as low as RM878.

Irrespective of the subsidies, the LG Optimus 2X is very cheaply priced considering the tech that it is packing and there is a popular saying that goes: “cheap things not good, good things not cheap”. So does the LG Optimus 2X deliver performance, value and function way beyond its deceptively low asking price? Or is it’s dual-core calling card the only special trick it has up its sleeve? We’ll have to clock some serious hands-on time with the device to find out.

In the meantime, Celcom has updated their website with information on the plans offered with the Optimus 2X

For the Celcom newbie, click on the following links for plan details:
Celcom Exec 50

Celcom Exec 250

Details on Celcom mobile Internet plans:
Celcom mBasic 38: RM38/month for 1GB data quota. If quota exceeded, data service will be interrupted. Subscriber must purchase Celcom mDaily pass daily mobile Internet at discounted rate RM3.88/24hours for 5GB data quota.

Celcom mAdvanced 68: Try as we might, we can’t find any details about this plan on the Celcom website. If you can find info on this plan, do let us know.

Important things to note:

  • Contract is 18 months
  • Upfront payment of RM300 for RM88 and RM118 plan and RM600 for Celcom Exec 250 plan is required on top of the subsidised phone price. Upfront payment will be rebated back into your account across 12 months
  • Early termination penalty is RM500. Whatever remaining upfront payment amount not yet rebated into your account will also be forfeited
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Currently Celcom is offering a RM100 discount off the subsidised phone price and a free HDMI cable to the first 300 units sold “or while stocks last”, whatever that means. As if that is not limiting enough, the offer is only good for this weekend — April 8 to 10.

The LG Optimus 2X is only currently available in Celcom Blue Cube outlets at the following locations — Pavilion, Bangsar (along Jalan Telawi 2), Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid.

Hit up the source link for more info. Do note that Celcom’s website is the worst place to get any information and Celcom’s plans are the most confusing amongst all the telcos. All the best.