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Comparison: TM UniFi vs Maxis FTTH

Update: We’re gotten some response from both Maxis and TM PR with more information on their services. Maxis says that their Home Broadband is currently available in the following areas — Bangsar, Taman Tun Doktor Ismail and Bandar Utama.

TM tells us that one of the other value added service that they offer with UniFi is the Streamyx ZONE WiFi hotspot access. UniFi subscribers get free WiFi access at over 12,000 Streamyx ZONE WiFi hotspots nationwide albeit limited to 384kbps. We have a feeling not many UniFi subscribers are aware of this, so to find out what your Streamyx ZONE login ID is give UniFi a call at 1 300 88 1221. Also TM points out that currently it has yet to enforce data quotas for UniFi subscribers across the board. This explains why TM have subscribers who download terabytes of data on UniFi.


Maxis recently updated its HSBB service offering with three different plans where previously there was only one to choose from. This move makes Maxis a direct competitor to Malaysia’s premier HSBB provider, UniFi. This is good for the consumer because now there is more choice and more choice means better value as providers offer the best rates and services to vie for your attention.

On the surface this is the case but between the two, which provider offers the best value for money? We’ve assembled this comparison table for you to easily compare the offerings from TM and Maxis.

So how does the two fair? If it was us forking out the cash, which one would we choose?

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Honestly speaking, for us, it will be UniFi. Across the board, TM’s UniFi offers so much more when compared to Maxis. One advantage is in UniFi’s IPTV service — HyppTV. With HyppTV you get terrestrial channels (plus a few other oddities) for free, and being a UniFi customer we’ll have to say that the terestial channel quality of HyppTV is better that what we get with our Astro b.Yond service. With HyppTV there’s HD content as well so that’s a good thing. Granted, HyppTV is still miles away from what Astro has to offer but that’s not saying that HyppTV’s content offering is not compelling.

We’re pretty sure that if you wanted to, it is very possible for you to forgo the need to subscribe to Astro with HyppTV. That would yield substantial monthly savings especially if you look at if from a long term perspective.

Also, UniFi’s HyppTV is free whereas Maxis’ WebTV you get only five channels and these channels are on a three months trial. After the three months are up, you’ll have to pay for the service.

On top of that, with UniFi you get more and better equipment, and you don’t have to pay a deposit for VOIP but in terms of call rates, both are comparable but Maxis looks to have a slight advantage here with cheaper rates overall with added value thrown in if you’re a Maxis mobile subscriber.

So who would choose Maxis over UniFi then?
Maxis FTTH Home Broadband plan has it advantages too. In this case, it’s cheapest plan, the RM128/month Standard plan, offer users the lowest entry point for a HSBB service (excluding TIME Fibre Broadband service). At RM128/month for a 4Mbps/30GB line, the Maxis Standard plan undercuts UniFi’s RM149/month 5Mbps/60GB service by some margin. This makes the Maxis Standard plan perfect for households that appreciate consistency over anything else. It also helps that the users are not heavy downloaders.

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That’s where we see Maxis has the advantage. Beyond that, its difficult to justify the Maxis plans over what UniFi has to offer. So in this case, UniFi offers great value for money but if you want cheap HSBB, the Maxis Standard plan is a worth a look. That’s what we feel anyway.

What about Time Fibre?
Some might ask, what haven’t we included TIME into this comparison. The reason is because we feel TIME’s very limited availability areas means it is at a major disadvantage compared to the two. There’s very little point in making a comparison with a a service that is not widely available for everyone. Hence, we’ve excluded TIME.

Speaking of coverage. In case you’re wondering Maxis and UniFi are available in virtually the same areas.