Comparison: TM UniFi vs Maxis FTTH

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Update: We’re gotten some response from both Maxis and TM PR with more information on their services. Maxis says that their Home Broadband is currently available in the following areas — Bangsar, Taman Tun Doktor Ismail and Bandar Utama.

TM tells us that one of the other value added service that they offer with UniFi is the Streamyx ZONE WiFi hotspot access. UniFi subscribers get free WiFi access at over 12,000 Streamyx ZONE WiFi hotspots nationwide albeit limited to 384kbps. We have a feeling not many UniFi subscribers are aware of this, so to find out what your Streamyx ZONE login ID is give UniFi a call at 1 300 88 1221. Also TM points out that currently it has yet to enforce data quotas for UniFi subscribers across the board. This explains why TM have subscribers who download terabytes of data on UniFi.


Maxis recently updated its HSBB service offering with three different plans where previously there was only one to choose from. This move makes Maxis a direct competitor to Malaysia’s premier HSBB provider, UniFi. This is good for the consumer because now there is more choice and more choice means better value as providers offer the best rates and services to vie for your attention.

On the surface this is the case but between the two, which provider offers the best value for money? We’ve assembled this comparison table for you to easily compare the offerings from TM and Maxis.

So how does the two fair? If it was us forking out the cash, which one would we choose?

Honestly speaking, for us, it will be UniFi. Across the board, TM’s UniFi offers so much more when compared to Maxis. One advantage is in UniFi’s IPTV service — HyppTV. With HyppTV you get terrestrial channels (plus a few other oddities) for free, and being a UniFi customer we’ll have to say that the terestial channel quality of HyppTV is better that what we get with our Astro b.Yond service. With HyppTV there’s HD content as well so that’s a good thing. Granted, HyppTV is still miles away from what Astro has to offer but that’s not saying that HyppTV’s content offering is not compelling.

We’re pretty sure that if you wanted to, it is very possible for you to forgo the need to subscribe to Astro with HyppTV. That would yield substantial monthly savings especially if you look at if from a long term perspective.

Also, UniFi’s HyppTV is free whereas Maxis’ WebTV you get only five channels and these channels are on a three months trial. After the three months are up, you’ll have to pay for the service.

On top of that, with UniFi you get more and better equipment, and you don’t have to pay a deposit for VOIP but in terms of call rates, both are comparable but Maxis looks to have a slight advantage here with cheaper rates overall with added value thrown in if you’re a Maxis mobile subscriber.

So who would choose Maxis over UniFi then?
Maxis FTTH Home Broadband plan has it advantages too. In this case, it’s cheapest plan, the RM128/month Standard plan, offer users the lowest entry point for a HSBB service (excluding TIME Fibre Broadband service). At RM128/month for a 4Mbps/30GB line, the Maxis Standard plan undercuts UniFi’s RM149/month 5Mbps/60GB service by some margin. This makes the Maxis Standard plan perfect for households that appreciate consistency over anything else. It also helps that the users are not heavy downloaders.

That’s where we see Maxis has the advantage. Beyond that, its difficult to justify the Maxis plans over what UniFi has to offer. So in this case, UniFi offers great value for money but if you want cheap HSBB, the Maxis Standard plan is a worth a look. That’s what we feel anyway.

What about Time Fibre?
Some might ask, what haven’t we included TIME into this comparison. The reason is because we feel TIME’s very limited availability areas means it is at a major disadvantage compared to the two. There’s very little point in making a comparison with a a service that is not widely available for everyone. Hence, we’ve excluded TIME.

Speaking of coverage. In case you’re wondering Maxis and UniFi are available in virtually the same areas.

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46 Comments for Comparison: TM UniFi vs Maxis FTTH


any news on when Unifi will be expanding out of their current areas….say…old klang road?


    Old Klang Road already in coverage… I saw a lot of temporary booth setup by TM Unify in OUG, Taman Desa and Happy Garden


    yepp, old klang road already in coverage… my sis been using it for months…. 🙂

Love Maxis!

Another reason why one could choose Maxis' offering (which I think I am about to), is that Unifi is taking too long to reach the 'easy to reach' places (i waited 1.5 years!). I live in the heart of SS2 PJ, and it still hasn't reached my area yet. Getting hogged by Unifi promoters everywhere (but still could not answer my query on why its taking so long). I cannot stand another empty promise.

With my current Maxis Wireless BB still offering enough speed to browse (but not good on downloads), I will find this new offering to be the perfect bridge between getting improved speeds, the ability to download more, and to cut short on waiting for Unifi.

Thanks for the wonderful comparison chart! You've just made my day!


    I am afraid that you might find Maxis FTTH having roughly the same coverage areas like Unifi's since they 'tumpang' on the same HSBB network.


    I agree with Steve…maxis 'tumpang' TM's HSBB…so…if unifi does not cover ur area…that there is big chance that maxis FTTH will not be covering ur area too…(this is exactly what I'm experiencing now).


      Yeap, we did a random check with availability areas and there's definitely a pattern. Where there is UniFi, Maxis is there as well.


        confirmed with Maxis, anywhere there is unifi, there is Maxis Home Broadband.
        my house USJ is in coverage. I used the unifi website to check


    hi just to share..i think SS2 already been covered by cousin lives there and she already subscribed to unifi.u can check here:…


    hi there.. just to let you know.. where ever there is unifi coverage maxis is there too.. what lots of ppl doesnt know is that maxis and tm is in partnership for the fiber optic cable.. im doing a promotion for maxis fiber now and the quota is unlimited currently.. with free eqiptment and installation fees.. if anyone is interested do let me know.. hehe.. =) thanks.. my num is 0166576868..


I live in a building that only has Maxis landline. Can I still choose UniFi?

"Speaking of coverage. In case you’re wondering Maxis and UniFi are available in virtually the same areas." -Source?


for Unifi registration…just email me…[email protected]


yah comp.guy! i agree with u…for a medium plan of 3gbrm68 a monthly dosent even last me for 3 days to finish it..then i hav to buy 1gb quota for 28..definitely need unlimited data usage!!!


the list not details enough…

i got information from the maxis sales their fttp provide static ip…

but unifi is dynamic


i don't think maxis charge for VOIP deposit as i just sign up with them. speed seem to be cool and minimum package RM128 30GB is more than enuf:)


I been approached by maxis sales team at BU, they doing door-to-door activities. its quite happening and they will ome to your house anytime. its covenience for me since i'm working daily and managed to get their contact number. their ftth sales person is professional and polite, the best thing is they din force me to subcribe but they just do comparison and i feel suprise when i'm paying RM113 monthly for streamyx!!!!!!thanks god i'm now Maxis ftth subscriber. the direct sales person if i not mistaken is Hariz… all may reach him at 0122678466. he is direct from Maxis KLCC.


    thanks…this is my private phone no…0176075730..hariz

Natasya razali

Frenz,better u google it this subject " maxis sign agreement with Tm for high speed broadband " maxis use Tm intra for their hsbb Internet. It 10 years agreement. So for me I prefer unifi. Yeahhhhh I like.


    actually the diffrent between us is the package…if u talk about the infra, it use the same fibre optic also between maxis and tm. For more details you can text to me…0176075730….many thanks….


Hi all, i am Hariz…Do not hesitate to call me or text me if you wanna to subscribe for Maxis FTTH., Now Maxis FTTH already change their name to Maxis Home Broadband..More info for Maxis Home Broadband, you can text me and make an appointment with me, then i will go to your house to give the explanation..Seriously i dont mind if you all didnt subscribe with Maxis,because this is my services towards my customer..Even though after done the installation, i will try my best to help all my customer that already subscribe Maxis Home Broadband with me. This is my number 0176075730 or [email protected]…..Thanks to all…

    Dr. Thiru

    Like your after service bro, wish unifi was like that…but i have to choose unifi as 20Mbps, thats real awesome speed which Maxis don't have

      alex maxis

      hi dr. thiru.. just to let you know.. maxis now has 30mbps.. which is only rm398 per month.. =)


Some part of Old Klang Road have got Unifi Coverage like Postcode 46000.

Paul Tan

Hey guys just a tip. The business packages for Maxis are out now.…

I'm drooling at the 32mbps package.

Maxis offers up its business FTTH solutions as alternative to UniFi Biz | SoyaCincau

[…] its not really a feasible alternative for the masses. Then there’s Maxis FTTH which offers a low entry point for those looking at a cheap and reliable FTTH broadband […]


Hopefully unifi will serve us the better, i'm sick of pausing the youtube, wait until the red button fully load then only can watch jlo dance! for me 1Mbps is good enough, no pause.

alex maxis

hi.. if anyone is interested in maxis fiber do let me know.. free equipment and installation fees.. no deposit too.. do call me at 0166576868 or email me at [email protected] if you want.. =)


only stupid people buy maxis.It's service sucks…


greetings ladies and gentlemen, I'm Faidhi from Maxis Home Sales Team. I would like to clear any of your doubts about Maxis Home Service. As I am currently in Maxis Home,
1) there are no such thing as data limitation on usage,(means, you can download as much as you want without worrying about the capped-data)
2)Yes,Maxis sign agreement with TM for the infra.(of course,TM's GLC company,they received the budget from our government to place the fibre optics)
3)TM's not playing fair by opening all the places in the portal to Maxis.(They ask their salesman to sapu all the sale first before letting Maxis come in)
4)Maxis value-added service is better (The white modem is much prettier than UNIFI's; Free call to overseas)
If you want to inquire or place order, feel free to call me at 0134147734 or my email [email protected]
~Make the right choice!

FTTH promoter

I'm a promoter of Maxis FTTH. Honestly, i think Maxis FTTH is better than Unifi.
The reasons are :
1) lower price
2) free calls to maxis mobile and overseas
3) free calls for maxis postpaid users
4) free calls to maxis fixed lines
5) free music download at
6) free internet security ( 1 license for 3 computers)
7) payment is available in post office in order to maxis centre. ( Unifi users have to pay their bills in TM
centre unless they doing payment via online.)
8) No charge for bill ( Unfi users have to pay RM8/month for the bill unless they ckecking bill via online)

Actually FTTH has one more plan:
Internet speed – 30Mbps
Quota – 300GB
Price – RM 398
Free calls to maxis mobile – 1000 min
Free calls to overseas – 300 min
Free calls for maxis postpaid users – 200 min
Free music download
Free 1 license of internet security protection


Found out that if you cancell maxis before two year contract emds you still pay the full monthly fee for the whole two years even if you don't use it anymore. That to me is " highway robbery!"'TM is more fair with only 500 penalty.


    i think you need to research properly on that. since it's a contract, no one force you to sign up.

marcus chan

faidhi, in case u didnt know. I just found out that my maxis fibre optic broadband at home has NEW policy of capping download speeds of torrents to 1kb/s. Maxis customer service confirmed with me this is the new policy – NO MORE PEER TO PEER DOWNLOADS ON MAXIS. I only knew coz' at my house, the downloads were super slow while at my mums place using UNIFI, my movie downloads are super fast.Pls ppl, do NOT to subscribe to Maxis HOME package. I have been a happy customer until today. This policy is very NEW, like a few weeks old. Previously, my movie downloads on Maxis were very fast.


    are u sure ??? i thought after u hit the quota ?? am i right ?? im thinking of apply the maxis fibre optic… look like i have to cancel my plan….

Marcus Lee

Let us do some simple fact calculation (both offer relatively similar features):
1) Maxis FTTH Value 6Mbps costs RM9 (RM158) more compare to Unifi VIP5 5Mbps,
2) Maxis is "tumpang-ing" and renting the infra from TM,
It is hard to believe that TM only charge Maxis for RM8 per subscriber / line, assuming that Maxis only earn RM1 profit from Maxis FTTH subscribers.
Please think logically and have your answer with yourself…(it is a sad answer…)
In my opinion TM is over-charging us as consumers to recover some debts something somewhere somehow causes lost in money making MAYBE due to improper management.
And again this only happen in Malaysia, like the saying "Malaysia Boleh"…anything unusual "boleh" happen in Malaysia.


thanks guys for ur comments…
I am about to apply for Maxis home since it has crashed down its price to 118 Per month only for 10 mbps and rite now its cheapest in market, my second choice was unify VIP5 plan… i have been using Sentralfon since last 4 yrs and was extremely happy with it even though it has a speed of 2mbps, but now i m shifting out and my new condo doesnt support sentralfon so have to change, my major concern is torrent downlaod, can alyone pls confirm if maxis home plan allows or not and if not is it only after reaching the maximum quota (by the way rite now there is no more max cap of 100 GB, its unlimited… )

Ong Aik Cheng Vincent

ANYONE would like to subscribe to Maxis Fiber Internet 10Mbps for RM118 only, PLEASE contact me~ THANKS! I would help you to register and service you~~

Miss Unifi

hye,sape2 nak apply untuk pemasangan UNIFI di rumah please contack me k *PUTERI*-0172682139


REGISTER UNIFI?? PLS EMAIL TO [email protected] OR CALL/SMS 0193862249


plsss build 1 area unifi here !!!
no.35 kampung bahru (L)
32400 ayer tawar perak.
here have many hacker , steal streamyx internet cable .
so tm call us here is black area.
so i nid a unifi tower to help ^^
then no nid scared steal cable prob any more!!!!


Both UNIFI & MAXIS are sharing the same infra, gomen financed a big part of that infra so must be opened to all players. Unfortunately, both are not investing in putting fiber on the ground for new areas. Mainly because of the investment needed and the ROI. Gomen controls it and is starving the people of broadband, of course the more you starve people, the more they will be willing to pay. They just have to make sure that people are not fed up.

The fact is 3 years after UNIFI is launched, there are still many problems. The service and response are really bad. For your information, world wide broadband growth is 10x in 5 years. So far, we have been stagnant for 3 years already and TM still boasting about UNIFI.


I just subscribe to Maxis broadband (10mbps), their advertisement is deceiving, yes the surfing/browsing the net is fast BUT Torrent very worse, they do traffic shaping/throttling speed the bitorrent traffic. if you are fans of torrent to download movies, mp3, apps dont subscribe with Maxis


they already limited p2p sharing file software (ex:Bittorent,microTorrent) at 1am – 7am,which is apparently not enough time for download large,their customer services aren't free.

Sometimes,they do maintenance without any notice to the customer,making the customer twice the work to get the net back by asking customer service and wait for their response in 7 days(worst case) by SMS.

They all end their response by "Please be advice that your feedback will be highlighted to our management for future improvement. Rest assured customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. We do admit at times there have been failures in the delivery however we assure you our focus has not shifted. We apologize again for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your continuous support."

How can't maxis customer not furious?
We pay for something we can't use in time.
My review is they did offers many value and unlimited 'limited' plan yet still didn't not match their maintenance and customer service with UniFi.


this post is used as promoting product not focused on comparing both product.-_-