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Nokia N8 running Windows Phone 7

We probably need to pull the local video analysis experts off the sex video case to take a look at this video of what looks like a Nokia N8 running Windows Phone 7.

So here we have a video of a Nokia N8 running Windows Phone 7 but is it the real deal?

If you ask us, the it looks highly suspect. It could be a hack but we feel the most likely scenario is that the interface that appears on the screen of the device is actually a video.

Our reason? If you look closely at 0:05, the person recording the video closes up to the top part of the device to try to show that it is indeed a Nokia N8. Then at 0:10, he scrolls the home screen up but if you look closely his finger action is not in sync with the movement on the N8’s screen, his finger continues to go up but the screen stops moving.

On top of that, if you’ve used Windows Phone, you’ll know that the UI has this unique trait where if you scrolled all the way to the end of the screen, the panels get squished to tell you that you can’t scroll anymore. In this video, that squished effect is not seen.

So we think this is actually a video of a video on a Nokia N8. What do you think?