Hold the phone! Sony Ericsson Xperia arc is coming via Maxis April 6

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Maxis has confirmed that the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc will be launched in Malaysia next week, Wednesday April 6 and things are getting very very very interesting.

In the span of less than three weeks we are seeing three top-end Android devices coming into the market and the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc is arguably one of the most desirable flagship Androids coming our way.

This announcement puts a damper on DiGi’s incredible deal offering 300 units of the HTC Incredible S for RM599 with a 24-months contract that’s happening tomorrow. It’s reasonable to think that the people who have made the decision to buy the HTC Incredible S because of DiGi’s offer would now think twice.

Should they grab the Incredible S now and make the most out of the offer or should they wait for the Xperia arc to be launched and compare the two?

If it were us, we’d wait for the Xperia arc. For one it looks good, Better than the Incredible S or the Nexus S. Then, there is the Sony Exmor R equipped 8.1MP camera to look forward to, and not forgetting the 4.2-inch Reality Display with Sony Mobile BRAVIA.

If Maxis can price the Xperia arc right. This could very well be the Android to get.

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8 Comments for Hold the phone! Sony Ericsson Xperia arc is coming via Maxis April 6


Most Android users would be waiting for Samsung Galaxy S 2 instead. Sony's UI is not that hot… the hardware might be good. But if I managed to get the Incredible S at RM599, I'd take that. If not, then it's a different story… So, here's hoping everybody else would wait for Maxis's Arc, so that I'll be able to get the Incredible S at RM599! Man! That's RM1400 off the retail value!


    We weren't fans of the earlier Xperias as well. Over-skinned, the earlier Xperias were clunky and painful to use, but looking at some hands-on videos of the Xperia arc, we feel Sony Ericsson have learned their lesson. The OS looks polished and responsive.

    Of course dual-core the devices are all the rage but those are unknown variables right now. With the Nexus S, Incredible S and soon Xperia Arc in the market, Android fans are really spoiled for choice.

    In any case, good luck on getting your Incredible S tomorrow!

KL Devil

YES!! I was waiting XArc for sooooo long…Finally it come!! Come on baby!!


wow sexy phone!


Maxis and competitive pricing is like American and manners. Total oxymoron.

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Gosh sony Ericsson arc! But i think i way better to take htc incredible s. Love its ui system by htc and digi package reasonable price,, im more intend to take htc way the blood sucker maxis

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